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Reaching the Jirel

Through our Asian Workers Fund, we support evangelists across Asia, enabling them to share the gospel within their own cultures and communities. We believe that nobody reaches Asians better than Asians, and so we’re privileged to partner with faithful men and women with hearts to see their own people groups come to Christ. Hira is an evangelist in Nepal, and your support help him work among the Jirel people.

The Jirel are Buddhists and have their own language. Traditionally, marriages would be arranged but those based on love matches are becoming more common. The Jirel worship their ancestors and so the dead are greatly revered and respected. This people group are often very reluctant to listen to ideas outside their own tradition, culture and religion so Hira finds it difficult to share the gospel with them, even though he is Jirel himself.

Asian man with bicycle
Asian man with bicycle

The reason for this difficulty is that Jirel leaders are currently running a campaign to preserve their religion, script and language. They have banned any attempts to share God’s Word with their young people and react angrily and aggressively if the gospel is shared without permission.

However, Hira has recently been able to share the gospel with 72 people. Of these, two accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, with one going on to be baptised. Plans are in place to build a church in the area, although times are tough with a lack of clean water and restrictions in place due to Covid–19.

Please pray with us for Hira and his ongoing ministry to the Jirel. How wonderful it would be to see the Lord bless this work and bring many to Himself in saving faith!

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