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Open But Unreached

The need for Jesus in Japan.

Japan is undeniably one of the most unusual and fascinating parts of our world, and its allure has captivated the West for centuries. Images of Japan’s famous cherry blossom–filled parks with the looming presence of Mount Fuji in the background have long drawn attention, but it is the unique culture of Japan which fascinates many. 

Having cut itself off from the rest of the world for centuries under isolationist policies, Japan developed a distinct culture with traditions and societal structures unlike any other. The preservation of its feudal system, the samurai warrior class, and a highly sophisticated system of etiquette and politeness each give the nation a sense of uniqueness.

Despite its commitment to ancient tradition, Japan is also seen as having a foot in the future. The old ways might continue, but they exist alongside modern innovations – Japan is equally well known for its tea ceremonies and sumo wrestling on one hand, and its bullet trains and robotics on the other!

However, when it comes to religious faith, Japan is sadly much like the West. The old Shinto belief systems are fading and secularism reigns. Quite unlike much of Asia, there is true freedom of religion and openness for evangelism here. However, just 0.3% of Japan’s 120 million people know Jesus, making the Japanese the second largest unreached people group in the world.

There are many cultural challenges for the gospel in Japan. Few are in need or want, with the majority living comfortably and enjoying the unique blend of old and new on offer.

Our vision for this unreached people is to see the ancient story of God’s Word brought to the Japanese in a fresh, new, and exciting way which respects cultural differences and points to the salvation offered in Christ. 

Support workers and the training of future church leaders in Japan through the Asian Workers Fund.

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