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Caught in the Chaos

Aid for families affected by the conflict in Myanmar.

Conflict in Myanmar continues as the Burmese army attack residents of Karen State in the east. Our partner has been providing refuge and aid to those affected by the ethnic conflict here for many years.


After multiple airstrikes in the region, 400 displaced people had an urgent need for assistance. Those affected had already fled their homes and villages to settle in a makeshift camp where they thought they would be safe. However, this camp was one target of the airstrikes, which caused thousands to flee once more. One woman caught in the chaos expressed her feelings of hopelessness, “No matter where we run, we can’t escape. They attack the camps both day and night.” 

Crucial aid has been provided to these people thanks to your support. Tents have been erected to house those who had to flee, and food has been provided. Our partner asks that we pray for the war to stop, and for the tens of thousands of people who have fled and are living in very primitive shelter in the jungle. Pray that the team will be able to keep sharing the message of hope with displaced people, even in these dangerous circumstances. 

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