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Baptisms During the Water Festival

23 new converts in Myanmar!

Myanmar remains a difficult land to minister in. Since the military coup of 2021, the nation has endured instability and an ongoing conflict. Much of the country is unsafe to visit, let alone share the gospel. In this context however, our partners who operate a training college for the next generation of Burmese church leaders still seek souls for Christ.

In Myanmar, the traditional date for the Buddhist celebration known as the Water Festival arrived in the spring. Normally, this event is cause for big celebrations and parties. However, our partners shared that because of the political situation in the land, celebrations were muted, with few joining the traditional festivities. 

water festival
water festival

Our partners were glad to share with us that this allowed for several evangelistic gatherings in different churches to take place. With more people unoccupied than usual for a festival day, many friends, acquaintances and neighbours of our partners and their network came along. The team in Myanmar had the privilege of sharing the gospel to over 200 adults, many hearing it for the very first time.

Wonderfully, 23 people came to faith and were baptised. Many of the pastors in the churches that will receive these new converts are graduates of the training college operated by our partners and they are greatly encouraged by the Lord’s saving work in this outreach.


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