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Multiplying the Message

A new worker for Central Asia!

Omar* studied with UDG, our partners who train Central Asians to reach their own peoples for Christ. He graduated around 20 years ago, and on a recent return visit he shared how God has used him in the years since.

He spends much of his time working as an interpreter, and also dabbles in the production of fruit and vegetables. His minivan inadvertently became the means of running a taxi service, and he is also a skilled barber!


However, his greatest desire is to make the good news known in his home nation and across Central Asia more widely. For several years, he has been running a training programme which teaches those in or entering ministry to faithfully preach the Word of God. Through an effective course, small groups are taught to understand, apply and share the Scriptures before being encouraged to lead groups among their own contacts, thus multiplying the spread of the teaching.

While Omar is often busy with his many jobs, not to mention his role as a church pastor, his heart is to see this ministry grow and grow until the message is proclaimed clearly and faithfully throughout Central Asia.


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