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The Bible is the most translated book in the world, having been produced in nearly 10 times more languages than any other. And yet, many remain without it. First, there is the issue of translation. You’ve probably heard the stats. There are over 7000 language groups in the world today, and only 10% have a complete Bible. Thanks to advances in technology, the rate of translation is increasing and 40% are now a work in progress, but two billion people are still without the full canon of Scripture.


What is more, among those language groups who do have a Bible, many find the translation to be of poor quality, outdated, or even out of print. We regularly hear stories of people, even church pastors, who have been praying for decades to receive a copy of God’s Word in a language which has already received a full translation. What a blessing it is to serve those brothers and sisters as we work to meet this need!

Bible suppression is another factor restricting access to the Scriptures. In the Maldives and Brunei, it is illegal to import a Bible. In Malaysia, God’s Word must be stamped with a warning: ‘Not for Muslims’. Meanwhile, in China, work is being undertaken to revise God’s Word in favour of the communist agenda, portraying Jesus as a sinner.

Over the following pages, we will share with you stories of lives changed through the provision of Bibles; we will show you that children are being brought up in the way of the Lord thanks to biblical teaching materials produced with your support; and we will highlight the dedication of our short–term volunteers, who carry God’s Word into those places where it is needed the most.

In all these things, we give God praise and ask this His Word might reach and impact communities in even the most remote parts of Asia! 

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