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A Khosa Convert!

Salvation among Pakistan’s Khosa people!

Our partner evangelist Peter, whose name has been changed for security, recently connected with the Khosa people in Pakistan, a frontier people group who have had little or no Christian contact in the past. The Khosa are very closed to outsiders, traditionally keeping to themselves among the mountainous regions of the country. This makes evangelism among them particularly difficult.

khosa man
khosa man

However, the Khosa people began moving out of the mountains to take up agriculture and have become easier to engage. Peter’s first contact among the Khosa people was Ihsan. Peter was able to share the gospel and by the grace of God, Ihsan came to faith, turning from Islam and trusting in Christ alone as His Lord and Saviour. When Ihsan’s wife discovered this, she threatened to cause a stir in the community. Peter met with her and began to defend the Christian faith, explaining the claims of the gospel. Gradually, she has become more accepting but has not yet come to faith herself.

Please pray that the Lord would open her eyes to the false claims of Islam and the truth of the gospel. Pray also that Peter would make more connections among the Khosa and plant a church soon. 

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