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A Step of Faith

Serving Christ in the face of hostility.

A group of our partners have been involved in outreach to a Muslim majority land for many years. Due to the very sensitive nature of the work, we cannot name this country as it is an extremely risky environment for any form of missionary activity. The government officials of this land emphasise that the country is 100% Muslim and any attempts at promotion of Christianity is not tolerated. Locals are on the watch for anything that deviates from their traditional Islamic beliefs. Any complaints of conversion will be reported to the authorities and non–Muslims can lose their citizenship.

Being known as a Christian is very dangerous. It is extremely risky to meet for prayer and fellowship. Those identified as Christians are being watched by authorities, making it difficult for even foreigners to meet for Christian fellowship as this could lead to arrest, persecution, and deportation. Recent reports indicate that there has been an increase in Muslim extremist groups in the nation.


Despite these many challenges, our partners have shared that three new missionaries have dedicated themselves to serving in this land to continue the long standing ministry of our partners. 

Two of the three are a couple, who felt led to explore the possibility of moving to this land several years ago. After investigating ways that they could enter and establish themselves in this nation, they have identified a viable tent–making ministry that will allow them residence.

The third of the trio is a woman who has vocational training for which there is great demand in this nation and so she is praying that the Lord will lead her to the right place of work. Her aim is to move to the nation in the next few months.

Please pray for this trio as they prepare to begin their ministries in one of the most unreached places on earth. Pray for their protection as they begin to work and share Christ. Pray that they would be able to connect with other Christians in this land for fellowship in safety.

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