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Tackling the Tajiks

How one faithful couple are reaching Tajiks for Christ.

The Tajiks of Central Asia are the oldest surviving people group in the region. While Tajikistan is their homeland, many have spread into Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and smaller minorities can be found elsewhere. 

Tajik culture has existed for more than two thousand years, during which time it has absorbed many ideas from both Zoroastrianism and Islam. This religious heritage has caused much resistance to Christian witness, whilst Soviet rule only served to enhance distrust of Western religions as a whole.

tajik man
tajik man

Following the breakup of the USSR, Tajikistan suffered through years of civil war right up to 1997. Tens of thousands were killed, with thousands of women widowed. The economy collapsed and unemployment reached extreme levels, peaking at around 70% in some rural areas. 

Little progress has been made for God’s Kingdom among the Tajiks to date. Of the 10 million Tajiks in Central Asia, less than a tenth of a percent know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Two graduates of UDG, a couple named Bakhtiar and Inura, minister to this people group in Tajikistan. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, this couple were led by the Lord to relocate and begin a new work reaching Tajiks for Christ. 

Beginning in 2021, and continuing throughout 2022, border skirmishes between Tajikistan and neighbouring Kyrgyzstan have broken out over disputed territory. Many have been caught in the crossfire and been forced to flee to safety. God has been using Bakhtiar and Inura to minister to many of those displaced, providing aid and sharing Christ in a time of instability and uncertainty.



• Pray for the Lord to raise up many more workers to bring the gospel to the Tajik people in Tajikistan and across Central Asia.

• Pray for peace between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan along their shared border, and lift up those caught up in the fighting.

• Pray that the Lord would bless Bakhtiar and Inura and bring many into the Kingdom through their faithful proclamation of the gospel.

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