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Go Tell It On The Mountains

Gospel opportunities abound in the Himalayas!

For many years, AsiaLink has been privileged to partner with an evangelist in Nepal named Batsal, whose name has been changed for security purposes. Regular readers of our updates will be familiar with his work and ministry. Travelling the length and breadth of the Himalayan mountains, Batsal brings the gospel to everyone he meets. By God’s grace, many have come into the Kingdom of God through Batsal’s ministry.


On a recent trip into the north of Nepal, Batsal travelled 14 hours to reach his destination. Half of this journey was off–road since roads have not been built in many parts of the country. On arriving, Batsal met a woman called Susila who had previously been a soldier in China in the days of Chairman Mao. She was living with a local believer and now worked as a government official. Although evangelism was outlawed in Nepal a few years ago, Batsal began a conversation with Susila about Jesus Christ. 

Initially resistant, Susila told Batsal it would be better if he preached to people about Buddha! The Lord began to soften her heart through the conversation, but she did not come to faith before Batsal left the area. Please pray that Susila would continue to consider all she has heard from Batsal and that the Lord would open her eyes to the truth of the gospel.

In the next few weeks, Batsal plans to conduct some training events with churches. One of these groups is in a remote village, with no electricity or heating. When Batsal last visited them in December, he was amazed at the dedication of the church to meet for Bible study and fellowship even though they do so sitting on a cold church floor and reading their Bibles by torch–light. This, after a long day of back–breaking work in the fields! Batsal was challenged and wonders how eager we are to dwell on the Word, with our warm houses and soft seating! Pray for this fellowship in particular to benefit greatly from the training Batsal provides, that they might further increase their witness for Christ.

Finally, Batsal asks for prayer for another upcoming trip. He plans to visit and teach among the Thakali tribe who are one of the least reached people groups in the world. There are only 13,000 Thakali in Nepal and Batsal knows of only five believers! Pray for the Lord to build His church among the Thakali and to give Batsal wisdom as he works among them. 

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