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Christmas Outreach in Myanmar

Reaching Burmese children amid chaos and conflict.

In Myanmar, our partner Dedan, whose name has been changed for security, leads a training college, raising up the next generation of pastors, church planters and evangelists for Myanmar. Every year many of his students, undertake special Christmas outreaches across the country.

This past Christmas, outreaches took place in a particular region Dedan described as a “chaotic, high–risk zone.” The resulting tensions and conflict from the military coupof February 2021 have caused severe disruption in this region.

burmese child
burmese child

Mobile phone signals are frequently interrupted. Just 20% of public schools are open and a mere third of hospital employees are working – the rest are boycotting work in protest against the regime. If this were not enough, businesses are being hit hard by inflation. One village chief in this region shared the following: 

“We are barely surviving and fighting hard in any way we can to keep our heads above water. With no school, kids seem to lost their sense of purpose and direction in life, and so are parents. To make matters worse, the constant news of conflict nearby and sounds of helicopters flying above our villages at night only add to our fear.” 

Nevertheless, students from the training college pressed on to reach children and their parents. Across four events, over 400 children attended for games before settling to hear a gospel message. Parents who came with their children to the events also heard the good news of Jesus – many for the first time! Most of the children come from a Buddhist or spirit–worshipping background, but they and their parents heard about how God sent His Son to deliver His people from sin and death.

Praise God for the opportunity of the students in Myanmar to visit this difficult region for the sake of the gospel. Thank Him for keeping them safe and for the many children and parents who heard about what Jesus came into this world to do for them. 

Pray that the situation in this region would improve and pray especially that many would repent and believe in the gospel.

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