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Pakistan Flood Relief Update

How your support is helping those who have lost everything.

Last year, heavy monsoon rains caused flooding in Pakistan on a record–breaking scale with one third of the nation’s geographical area submerged underwater.

A humanitarian crisis took hold. Families lost everything and food shortages from lost crops caused more suffering. Access to clean water became limited, with water–borne diseases such as cholera, dengue and malaria spreading quickly.

man in water
man in water

We asked for your support to help provide aid through our long–term partners in Pakistan. Six months later, and thanks to your generosity, we can share what our partners have achieved by the grace of God.

By the end of last year, over 615 families had received food and 100 families had been provided with tents. Water coolers, blankets, sleeping mats and countless hygiene kits were also distributed and were highly appreciated, particularly by the thousands of women reached. Our partner is not aware of any other organisation providing women’s hygiene kits.

A plot of land has been purchased, which is large enough for 25 families to build new homes as well as bathrooms, a new school and a church plant. The plan is for families to purchase their own small plot through instalments, although the team know some will not be able to pay in full. 10 families have moved on to the land to date, primarily Hindus with some Muslims alongside. These people’s lives will not be fully restored for some time, but these are steps in the right direction, even though some are having to move a long way from where they used to live. Our partners are helping them with this transition.

There have been lots of great opportunities to share the gospel and pray for people. Please pray with us for each person mentioned below.

A Hindu man in his seventies had no ID card, nor did his children and grandchildren. Therefore, they are not regarded as citizens. When the family were provided a plot of land, our partner was moved to share with the man that he could have an identity as a child of God and that he can be a citizen of heaven through faith in Jesus. 

A Muslim man said, “I used to hate Christian people but we have seen them actively helping us in our hardships. You have showed your love and compassion to us in this hard time.” He knew that Muslim organisations wouldn’t help Christians, but are amazed that Christians would help without discrimination.

Praise God for how He is using our partners to share the love of Christ in both word and deed as they minister in the aftermath of the floods. Pray for many to come know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. 

Help provide aid to families affected by flooding today.


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