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New Life in Bhutan

My name is Hannah. I live in Bhutan, and grew up with a Hindu background. My husband was a witch doctor, and I was also an unbeliever.

Dead gods

Back then, I faced many problems of illness. One day, I was attacked by an evil spirit and remained unconscious for several days. My husband performed many witch practices hoping that I would recover, but my pain only increased and my condition became worse. 

A young woman knitting
A young woman knitting

After nine days, my husband prayed to a Hindu god, but this dead god could not respond to his prayer. He knelt down before this god, bringing offerings for a faster recovery, but it was useless. The statue could neither see him nor hear his prayer.

My husband spent every second of his spare time praying to his god about my health, but the results were always negative, with witch doctors saying, “She has no hope, she will die soon.” This was the most common phrase I heard, and even my husband lost hope. He was helpless, and his faith in Hinduism became weak.

A crowd at a pagan ceremony
A crowd at a pagan ceremony

A living Saviour

Thankfully, at that time, some Christians visited us and shared some of the gospel of Christ. They said that whoever repents and confesses their sins to the Almighty, and believes in Him as his personal Saviour, He will forgive all of their sins, and give them new life.

After hearing the blessings shared by many of the Christians, my husband believed in Jesus Christ. He called one of the pastors, who helped me find freedom from the evil spirit through prayer.

After accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, my husband thought about his past, while he was living as a witch doctor, and said it was useless. He had spent huge amounts of money while someone was sick, with the minimum amount of £700, but it was free with Jesus Christ, we just had to believe in Him!

I was baptised by the pastor. With his help, I am now free from evil spirits, covered by the blood of Christ, and also serving a local church as a full–time, dedicated worker of Christ. God has given me a new life for his glory, and is using me mightily for doing His work in several parts of my city.

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