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The gift of God’s Word changes a life in Nepal.

Many Nepali churches have a history of sound teaching which is faithful to God’s Word. However, it is not uncommon to find fellowships which have suffered unbiblical teaching and accepted false doctrines as truth. One worker in the country has encountered many people, church leaders included, without a proper understanding of the gospel.


On a recent trip, this worker had the opportunity to correct some of these heretical beliefs. One man he encountered was Sashi, who grew up under a pastor who taught a works–based ‘gospel’. Sashi later went into ministry himself, working with a congregation high in the mountains. However, his grounding in Scripture was poor and, unsurprisingly, he dropped out of ministry after only a few months.

Sashi turned away from faith for a long time, until he met our partner. Listening intently to teaching on the true gospel of Jesus Christ, Sashi realised where he had gone wrong, exclaiming, “I was told that salvation was 90% our work and 10% God’s work”.

Praise God for enabling our partner to share the true gospel with Sashi, for opening Sashi’s eyes to the error of his beliefs, and for changing his life!


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