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Love Without Limits

Reaching young and old in rural India.

Situated towards the southern end of India’s east coast, Andhra Pradesh boasts numerous beautiful beaches and is perhaps the largest producer of rice and tobacco in the nation. It was once a major Buddhist pilgrimage site, but the population today is mainly Hindu with a sizeable Muslim minority.

As in all of India’s rural communities, poverty is a constant threat. Sometimes the harvest is good and people have enough, but a drought or a flood can destroy crops and leave vast areas in want. Some people here have basic shelter, whilst others construct makeshift homes from scrap. Meanwhile, widows often find themselves ostracised by their families and friends whilst many children end up as orphans, leaving them vulnerable to trafficking and slavery. A lack of education exacerbates these problems, leaving children without opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families. It is into this context that our partners share the love of God in Christ.


Just 1.3% of people in Andhra Pradesh are identified as Christians. However, despite being born into Hindu families, our partners, a married couple, turned to Christ in their early years. This young couple and their family now live their lives by the grace of God, serving Him among the community in which they were born and continue to live.

They have established a small orphanage where children receive shelter, compassion, food, and education. Children are taught the good news from the Bible and are enabled to establish healthy ways of living, giving them a chance of further education and personal development.

Widows and the elderly are also a key focus of the ministry, with our partners providing help with medicine and basic food supplies which would be impossible for many to come by. They also provide basic clothing each year, along with blankets to ensure no one goes cold in the winter months. The frailty of some elderly people in the community means they are often unable to make repairs to their humble homes, leaving them exposed to the elements, including extreme heat and cold. Tools and materials are supplied and help offered to have the homes repaired, making life just a little more comfortable for these senior people.

Regular visits are also made to the nearby slums to provide parcels of food and clothing. Wherever possible, children facing dangerous or precarious situations are rescued and brought into the orphanage where they experience love and care. With so many in need, this can seem a thankless and endless task. However, for every soul reached and rescued, the effort is more than worth it.

In each of these situations, the primary goal is to share the love of Jesus with those who are hopelessly lost and destined for an eternity without Christ. Our partners and their co–workers take every opportunity to tell these beautiful and beloved people about a Saviour who gave His life for each of them.  

During the pandemic, the orphanage was forced to close after authorities insisted the children be housed with extended families for a time. It is hoped that the children will return this month, ready to resume their studies and enjoy life in their lovely home once more.

As a result of the high mortality rates from COVID–19, there will likely be many more children in need of care. Our partners ask us to pray that they will be able to meet each need as it is made known. They recognize that every accomplishment comes only by God’s grace, and only as a result of your giving to support orphans, widows, slum children and the poor in this beautiful part of the world. Along with our partners in India, we thank you for your continued and gracious support.


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