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Faith at a Funeral

Salvation amid the sorrow in Iran.

In Iran, our partners share an amazing story of God’s transformative power. Earlier this year, there was an unfortunate incident in a southern city that killed 41 people and injured another 37. With so many affected, three house church leaders from another city felt led to travel there to see how they could serve the people there as they grieved the loss of loved ones. 

Among the mourners was a father who lost two sons in this tragic accident. The day the three house church leaders arrived in the city was the day of the sons’ funeral. Crowds rallied around the funeral, many to protest the authorities who were receiving blame for what had happened. Amid the noise and sea of bodies, one of the church leaders found his way to the sons’ father.


As he took the father’s hand he said, “We have come to visit you from the Christian community in another city to share in your grief. We have asked Christ to give you true peace and comfort in your hearts.” This boldness was remarkable – openly talking about Jesus whilst surrounded by protesting Muslims in a land opposed to Christ. 

The father, touched by this expression of sympathy, thanked him for coming a long way to see him. Then the church leader asked if he could pray for the father. He agreed, and the leader boldly prayed that Jesus would meet this man in his pain. Overcome by a deep sense of peace, the father opened his eyes and cried out, “Oh Jesus Christ, I seek refuge in your embrace!” He told the student, “You are God’s angel who has been sent to me. When you were praying, I heard Jesus Christ saying to me: ‘Come to me and I will give you peace.’” 

The father invited the three leaders to his home, where they talked to him about the person of Jesus: His love, His power, His promise, His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Wonderfully, the father and several other family members gave their lives to Jesus that day. 

The three leaders then gave a New Testament to each of these family members. Today, the family and another couple who expressed interest have formed a new house church. The three church leaders are supporting this new fellowship, helping to lead and disciple the converts.

These leaders are all students at a theological training school operated by our partners, and we give thanks for each of them and their bold witness. Praise God for growing His church in Iran and pray for this new fellowship, that their love for and knowledge of the Lord would grow deeply.

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