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Record–breaking floods have plunged one third of Pakistan underwater. 

While monsoon rains are typical at this time of year and flooding is often expected, never before have rains been this heavy. The nation has never seen floods like this.

The death toll has already passed 1,200 and heartbreakingly, at least one in three of the victims have been children. 

Floods in Sindh
Floods in Sindh

Overall, 33 million people have been affected. In poorer, rural areas, homes are often basic structures made from wood and mud. Homes like these offer little protection, and an estimated 1.4 million of them have been washed away.

The humanitarian need in Pakistan is now enormous. Families have lost everything and food shortages are being predicted with half the country’s crops having been destroyed. This disaster comes just months after Pakistan experienced record temperatures in a heatwave which had already killed off much of the crop. 

Perhaps the most significant and urgent challenge is access to clean water, with water–borne diseases such as cholera, dengue and malaria spreading quickly.

Pakistan family
Pakistan family

Our long–term partners in Pakistan are already hard at work assisting families in crisis. The current priority is to provide food, water, tents, and mosquito nets, along with hygiene kits for women. Supplies will be distributed by Christians eager to share Christ in word and deed.

Just £50 will provide these items for a family caught in the flooding in Pakistan. Could you bring essential relief today?



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