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Crisis in Sri Lanka

Support gospel workers amid the chaos.

With inflation over 50% and a state of emergency declared, widespread protests have forced the president not only out of a job but out of the country. Right now, Sri Lanka is the grip of a severe economic crisis. 

In recent months, power cuts, fuel shortages and empty supermarket shelves have become the norm. The government collapsed, inflation soared and the national currency crashed. Access to medicine has also been severely curtailed.

For Sri Lanka’s 22 million people, life has become very unpredictable. The impact on gospel ministry has also been tangible, with inflation making it hard for our partners in Sri Lanka to support workers and conduct regular activities such as providing training and discipling young people.

Fuel shortages have left buses, trains and medical services unable to run. In normal circumstances, the solution would be to import fuel from other nations, but Sri Lanka simply doesn’t have enough foreign currency to do so. Schools have closed and people have been asked to work from home to help conserve supplies.


With no government in place, little can be done to steady the ship; no financial crisis can be addressed in a power vacuum.

The food and fuel shortages are also presenting significant challenges, so support is urgently needed to help our partners continue ministry amid the chaos. With the value of the local currency in freefall, outside financial help will be invaluable as they try to support gospel workers and share Christ in these difficult times.

Could you help support gospel workers in Sri Lanka today?


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