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Tell With A Well Update

A new well provided for 1500 people!

In Uttar Pradesh, your support has provided a well for a village where 1500 people previously faced a two–mile round trip for water in 40°C heat.

A village elder said, “We were uprooted from our old village because of land disputes. It’s been three years and we’re still struggling to get on our feet. There’s no clean water here so this is like receiving a gift from God. We’re so grateful to the local church who have responded to our pleas and served us so graciously. It was very difficult for us to get access to clean drinking water. Our children were often getting sick because of unclean water.”

india well
india well

The village is home to seven different people groups from a range of castes, but all are united in their Hindu faith. There are no professing Christians, and the nearest church is seven miles away. However, through the Tell with a Well project, a local pastor will visit regularly to befriend these people, pray for them and speak of Christ. Thank you for making this possible!

So far, we have raised enough funds for at least 10 villages to receive a well, Bibles and gospel outreach.

You can still help provide living water through the Tell With A Well appeal today.

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