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New Year, New Life

Discovering Christ through street evangelism.

Like a lot of people in Iran she and her husband had become disillusioned with Islam. There were so many questions which went unanswered and so many things they felt uncomfortable about. Yet, they had this deep desire in their hearts to find purpose in life. 

Most of their friends were just like them, adhering to the stringent Shia rules and regulations. It left them feeling empty, unfinished, until something very significant happened. She didn’t realise that her heart’s yearnings for more had been heard by the Most High God, Jehovah. She did not understand that even although she did not know Him, He knew her and her husband and that He loved them. 

That was until Jesus lovingly appeared to her in a vision and told her that He was the way to God. If Jesus was the way to God, then she knew that she must become a Christ follower, but how and at what cost?

iranian woman
iranian woman

They were getting ready today to travel to a neighbouring country where they would meet up with family to celebrate the Iranian new year. New year for Iranians falls on March 20th heralding in Spring and new life. She had always looked forward to these times away and this time she was filled with an expectancy. They were both tired, working hard to just make ends meet in the troubled economy, perhaps they just needed the time off and some rest and relaxation. 

She anticipated the New Year feast, or Nowruz meal as they knew it, which they would no doubt enjoy. The exchange of little gifts and tokens amongst family and friends was always good fun. Even though, she knew that at the end of it all they would have to go back home to the emptiness which filled them both.

The journey was uneventful and the meeting with friends a delight.  As they made their way along the street to have a coffee, a gentleman approached them.  He introduced himself to them and asked if they would like to come to the café across the street.  How odd, a perfect stranger offering to buy them coffee.  They enquired of him why he was doing this, and he replied that he wanted to share with them about Jesus and would do it over a cup of coffee.

At the mention of the name Jesus her whole being lit up. “You must be a Christian then”, she said almost breathless with anticipation. “I am”, he replied.  She began to tell him of her experience and the vision of Jesus which she believed she had.  She said she felt that God had sent this man to them especially and that yes, they would come for coffee and the bath.  “The bath?”, he asked quizzically.  “Oh yes” she said, “If we are going to become Christians, we need to take the bath”. Only then did he realise that she wanted to be baptised. “Well”, he said “before you can be baptised you must believe. Let’s go and have a coffee and talk about Jesus”.

The next two hours were such an amazing journey for her and her husband. They drank in what these Christians told them about the love of God in Christ Jesus for them and how He loved them so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cruel cross taking upon Himself their sin and shame. She had never thought of herself as a sinner before, but when confronted with what the Most High God had done for her to rescue her from the penalty of sin and death, suddenly that emptiness which had filled both of them for so long was filled with the wonder of who Jesus was and what He had accomplished for them on Calvary. Joy unexplainable filled both of their hearts as they accepted Jesus into their lives as Lord and Saviour.

What a Nowruz (New Year) this had turned out to be. Their lives were new, they had a new purpose and a new reason for living.  They had good news to share with friends and family, news which could cost them their earthly freedom, but which had gained them freedom from sin and eternal life, even in the midst of a regime which was so utterly oppressing.

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