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Mongolia’s Virtual Classroom

Over the past several months, many of us have seen our day–to–day lives move online. Whether it be working remotely and communicating on video calls or accessing church services on video calls and online, the pandemic response has seen our lives transformed.

Likewise, much of Asia was similarly transformed. For some of our partners, it meant certain ministries were put on hold, but we are encouraged by news from our partners in Mongolia to hear of their efforts to keep reaching people even if it is through a screen.

A huge proportion of families in Mongolia are broken. Due to lack of education and opportunities and the widespread problem of alcoholism, many children grow up in families who are unable to care for them properly.

There is a real opportunity to reach such families by offering life skills training. Teams meet with families who are in need of help and teach vital skills to improve family life and the environment in which children are growing up. Through this practical help, teams are also able to introduce families with no exposure to Christianity to Biblical values and ultimately the gospel itself.

Four people filming a video
Four people filming a video

Our partners were due to engage with 1300 students after the summer, but with lockdown conditions in place and uncertainly over when meetings can resume, work is underway to recreate the entire life skills course online. Scripts are being written, filming is underway, and a new video course is in the process of being edited. With this necessary new approach, the team are excited by the prospect of potentially reaching even more people with the course and the good news of Jesus Christ.

As most of you will know from experience, connecting online with people can be awkward, strange and simply not as straightforward as meeting in person.



  • Please pray for the team in Mongolia, that despite the drawbacks of online outreach, they will still be able to connect with people, form strong relationships and faithfully communicate the gospel
  • Pray that the Lord would help all technology involved to run smoothly and use the new online course to bring many to Himself

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