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Lost Connection

Prayer needed for communication issues with our partners in Myanmar.

In some rural areas of Myanmar, phone lines are not working, and the internet is unreliable. Even in Yangon, the old capital, connection speeds can be very slow. Sometimes this is due to damage caused by the conflict but at other times it is suspected that communication is being cut off for strategic purposes to aid the ruling Junta. 


For our partners who work as church planters, this makes the work difficult. In some places, it can take a 60+ mile journey to reach the nearest working phone or to pick up a signal. If the churches in these areas have an urgent need, it means a long delay until help can even be contacted, let alone received. 

During this period of difficulty pastors and missionaries have continued in faithfulness to their calling. They continue to visit their flock to counsel, teach and offer support. It has not been possible in recent times to organise larger–scale outreach events, but evangelism continues in a more personal basis. 


  • Praise God for faithful servants in Myanmar continuing to minister amid all the difficulties.
  • Pray for challenges with communication to be resolved, for phone lines and internet access to become reliable once again.
  • Pray for the conflict in Myanmar to be resolved peacefully and justly. Pray for all those suffering because of the conflict, whether displaced from their homes or grieving the loss of a loved one.

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