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Persecuted yet persistent

Reaching families for the Kingdom in Pakistan despite opposition.

Our partner Peter* has faced many trials since he turned away from Islam to follow Christ. However, despite being arrested by the police, abandoned in the jungle, chased out of cities and hauled before the courts, Peter continues to fix his attention on sharing the good news with the people of Pakistan.

At the turn of the year, he was once again forced out of his home by a landlord unhappy with his Christian faith. However, this provided the opportunity to find a larger residence which would better serve a new work he and his family have undertaken.


Last year, they welcomed eight boys from Muslim families into their home. Peter had sought permission from parents to house the children in the city and provide an education through a Christian school. This initiative was fraught with risks but has proven an effective way to engage and bless Muslim families. With a larger property, funded in part by supporters like you, Peter and his family are now planning to welcome eight girls into their home as well, doubling the reach of this ministry and bringing the good news of Christ to eight more families.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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