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The Children of China

Providing Christian resources for kids in China.

Children are one of the most persecuted groups in China, experiencing public interrogations concerning their parent’s religious involvement and being taught so–called Bible stories where Jesus and his disciples are the unethical evil doers.

This is part of the Communist Party’s strategy to eliminate all ‘foreign’ ideas, including Christianity. Parents are forbidden by law to evangelise and disciple their own children. Most churches which did have children’s ministry have been closed, and it is now very hard to find ministry resources for children.

Chinese child
Chinese child

However, through a new project in collaboration with a long–established partner we are hoping to provide churches and families in every province of China with high quality teaching materials for children aged 6–12. The materials are produced digitally and can be accessed and used via a tablet or computer. Promotion of the materials and the logistics of distribution will be carried out by a team of regional, Chinese leaders, who will be supported full time to focus on this ministry. 

In a dark environment, these leaders are willing to risk all to lead children to Christ. They are courageous, determined, wise and resourceful, and we trust that God will use them mightily.

Help provide Christian teaching material for children through our China fund.

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