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Using technology to reach beyond barriers in Yemen.

Our partners have recently completed a month–long digital outreach project to the people of Yemen, enabling thousands to encounter Christ through their smartphones! Yemen is a Muslim–majority nation with a miniscule evangelical population, so we praise God that technology is continuing to open doors for the gospel!

Over the month, more than 88,000 people were presented with an evangelistic video on their mobile, along with an invitation to chat online with an evangelist who spoke their language and was equipped to answer their questions.

8,000 people watched the video and over 2,000 initiated a chat. 400 of those conversations are ongoing, and seven professions of faith have made so far.

muslim woman
muslim woman

One of these new believers started a group chat with his twenty friends and the evangelist! He hadn’t told all his friends of his conversion, but wanted the evangelist to begin sharing with them as well.

Pray with us for more fruit from this digital outreach as gospel conversations continue. Pray for the Lord to soften hearts and open eyes to the truth of His Word. Praise God for bringing salvation to these seven people, and ask Him to particularly bless the witness of this bold new believer!

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