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The 100 Year Wait

You have helped thousands receive God’s Word in Myanmar for the very first time!

Over 40,000 Bibles have now been printed for the Khumi Chin people thanks to your support. This people group first heard the gospel around one hundred years ago in the 1920s. Many came to faith and the Khumi Chin church grew with many still identifying as Christian today.

However, while the gospel has been known to the Khumi Chin for many generations, access to God’s Word has been limited. A Bible for this people group was produced many decades ago, but it is a poor translation. Not only is it inaccurate, but many of the words used in it have faded from memory and are no longer in use. Furthermore, copies of this translation are few and far between since it went out of print many years ago.

For 100 years, most Khumi Chin believers had no access to God’s Word and those who did had to rely on an inaccurate and outdated translation.


When one of our partners in South–East Asia made us aware of this need, we were eager to help. This partner had just completed work on a new translation for the Khumi Chin and we felt led to help with the printing and distribution of these more accurate copies of God’s Word. After we made the need known in an Appeal, your support enabled printing to get underway. Soon, after 100 years of waiting, the Khumi Chin would have good copies of Scripture in their heart language! At least that’s what we thought would happen!

Our appeal launched at the end of 2019 and printing got underway at the start of 2020. However, printing was delayed and plans for distribution ground to a halt as the world locked down in response to Covid–19. Finally, over two years later, Scripture for the Khumi Chin has arrived and is ready for distribution.

Over 40,000 copies are ready to go, yet difficulties remain. Since the military coup of February 2021, shipping items into and across Myanmar has been very difficult and the challenge of distribution is further compounded by lingering after–effects of lockdowns on supply chains. 

Please pray that a safe and secure route for these Bibles would be found so that the Lord would bring His Word to His people after their long period of waiting! 

It costs just £3 to provide a Bible to a believer in South–East Asia who has never had one before.


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