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Update on Afghan Refugees

How your support has helped families who lost everything.

Last year, the world was shocked to witness the Taliban swiftly take back control of Afghanistan. In the months since the Taliban takeover, life has changed drastically in the country. 97% of the population face food shortages, half a million people have lost their source of income, any dissent is violently suppressed and women, under Taliban decree, must cover their faces in public for the first time in decades.

In response, countless Afghan citizens have fled the country, many in fear for their lives as targets of the new regime. This is where our partners have stepped in, rising up in response to the enormous humanitarian crisis that began last year. Situated in a neighbouring nation, your generosity has enabled them to support 30 refugee families across 8 safe houses, while also caring for a growing number of individuals living in refugee camps. 

afghan man
afghan man

These families lost everything when they fled their homes, but praise God for His servants meeting them at their point of need. The team has been providing essentials like food, clothing and bedding while assisting the search for employment. Children are also being connected with schools so that their education can be resumed. When asked why this help has been offered, the team take the opportunity to explain how their faith in Christ compels them to serve.

One woman being supported by our partners lives in a refugee camp. Originally from a Muslim family and married to a Muslim man, her life changed radically when she heard the gospel and put her faith in Christ. With her life suddenly in danger, she fled her home, finding safety in this camp. Praise God for our partners who have connected with her, and who continue to provide essentials and discipleship.

The needs of refugees from Afghanistan remain pressing, and continual prayerful and financial support is much–needed to help those who have lost everything, including the many Christians who fled simply because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Your support continues to make a tangible difference in these broken lives.

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