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Growing the Kingdom in the Middle East.

Aisha, whose name has been changed for security, is a vibrant, fun–loving woman living in a war–torn country. She loves her husband and family with a passion showing them love and grace as she cares for them and nurtures them. Sometimes when the work gets tough, she thinks about the opportunity she and her family refused – to leave this turbulent country and begin a new life in Canada or the USA. She wonders how different life might have been for each of them. The thought doesn’t linger long. Aisha and her husband are sure in their call from the Lord to be a light in the darkness for their countrymen, neighbours, and friends, and this she does with joy.

She recalls with fondness the early days of their courtship, marriage, and the beginnings of ministry. They had pastored a healthy church in a Middle Eastern capital until death threats from extremists had forced them to a Kurdish region. They had missed family and friends but had stayed true to their call by God to minister to their own people in this turbulent country. Even here it did not come without persecution. They met resistance from quarters where you would not have expected it, but they kept trusting and kept working.


Today she was meeting with some refugee women and a few internally displaced women who had sought refuge in this Kurdish town. At the bazaar they would enjoy coffee and a chat, and she would invite them to the next event at church. Over time she had built up relationships with many women this way, gradually gaining their trust and respect as she opened both her home and her heart to them in their time of need. She had grown to love them and slowly and intentionally had begun to share the reason for her hope, joy, and peace. They had suffered much at the hands of their tormentors’ carrying burdens of hopelessness and fear and at first had treated her with suspicion. But time, grace, and love had broken down these barriers and many of the women to whom she extended God’s grace had come to faith in Jesus and had seen their whole families saved.

Their little church which began as a house meeting was now growing fast. Her husband had trained and was mentoring at least twenty people who were being encouraged to start their own little house groups in their neighbourhoods. Aisha loved working with the children of these families and seeing them grow and develop in their own faith walk and her own children were such an encouragement to her as they served in various roles within the church family.

Yes, at the start of this new day she had much to give thanks for. God had been faithful, and they had seen much fruit for their labour. They still had much to do and many still to win for the Kingdom!

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