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Passing on the baton in Vietnam.

Since the end of the Vietnamese War and the reunification of the north and south, the population of Vietnam has doubled to 98 million people. The great majority in this one–party, Communist state are Vietnamese, but they exist alongside over 100 minority groups such as the Hmong, the Khmer and the Tay. 

Another significant minority group are the Jrai (or Jarai) who number approximately 500,000 and are almost exclusively based in the central highlands. Most Jrai are animist, believing spirits inhabit natural objects such as trees and rivers, and that they must be appeased to prevent sickness and bring prosperity. This brings extreme fear to the people who engage in animal sacrifices and other demonic practices as a result.


Praise God that the Jrai are no longer considered an unreached people group! This is the result of significant growth of the church and the recent completion of a complete Bible in the Jrai language. Now, as we see God at work in bringing the unreached to Himself, our aim is to challenge the believers here to reach out to other groups who have still not heard the good news.

We are thankful for the work that has been conducted by various groups among the Jrai over the years, training pastors and evangelists in the Word and encouraging them to ‘go’. One young Jrai man with whom we partner was a beneficiary of such training. Now, he teaches other Jrai believers himself. 

He and his wife are also involved in children’s work, holding weekly meetings for street children. They do not have a regular place to meet as it is best not to stay in one location too long. Wherever they meet, the children love to come and sing, to play and to hear Bible stories, and we praise God that many children and their families have come to the Lord through this ministry!

Praise God for his work among the Jrai in Vietnam and pray with us for this young couple working in this challenging context.

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