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Yet again, the noise of the house woke Praveen* up from his sleep. He could hear his brothers and sisters laughing and running outside. His mother began to call the family in for breakfast. Already running behind, the family would have to eat quickly if they were to make the morning Mass. Getting to the chapel on time was always a challenge for Praveen’s parents. After all, they had thirteen children to get out the door, Praveen being the youngest.

Praveen, like the rest of the family, found the Mass uninteresting. They rarely attended and understood little of what was taught, but still considered themselves Christians. It wasn’t until Praveen was 17 that the Lord truly revealed himself to any of the family. He may have been the thirteenth to be born, but Praveen was the first to be born again. A local evangelical youth ministry had sparked Praveen’s interest and it was through their faithful gospel witness that the Lord transformed Praveen’s life.


Enthused by his new–found faith, Praveen began working with a group based in Colombo, the capital of his native Sri Lanka. Much like those who had introduced Praveen to Christ, this group were passionate about teaching Scripture to young Sri Lankans, holding regular conferences and events for evangelism and discipleship. Praveen worked with this group for over 20 years and the Lord developed his gifts for outreach and discipleship. He also studied at a local Bible college to help him teach the Word faithfully, and it was here that the Lord first began to lead Praveen towards the greater purpose awaiting him. One week of the curriculum was devoted to global mission and Praveen’s heart was stirred as the need for missionaries was shared.

Years later, an opportunity arose through the college to begin a radio ministry to one of the most unreached nations on Earth. So sensitive is outreach to this nation that it cannot be shared online. When Praveen heard about this opportunity, he remembered how the need for gospel witness to this land had been one of the focuses of that mission week many years before. He began to consider becoming a part of this radio ministry and his heart started to burn for these unreached people. Praveen also knew that there were thousands of these people living in Sri Lanka and southern India.

Feeling burdened, Praveen volunteered to be a part of the radio outreach. He uprooted his life to dwell among this people and familiarise himself with their particular culture, and upon his return to Sri Lanka he helped to found the nation’s first ever mission agency. 

colombo, sei lanka
colombo, sei lanka

Today, Praveen leads his own ministry specialising in outreach both to this people group in their home nation and to those living in Sri Lanka and southern India. His team seek to plant churches in these communities. However, to do so will be incredibly challenging, not least because much of Praveen’s ministry currently concerns inspiring and mobilising the church in Sri Lanka for this mission. His goal is to identify and train 100 people to go to this unreached land, and he has also brought together pastors in Sri Lanka to co–ordinate efforts to reach the 20,000 citizens of this nation that live in Colombo. Meanwhile, a team of young people are using social media to connect with their contemporaries living in the unreached nation. God has been gracious, with friendships being formed and the gospel being shared through these online connections.

The challenge posed by this land is a steep one. Many have tried for decades to begin a movement for Christ here, but progress has been slow. Nevertheless, as he reflects on the past, Praveen sees clearly that the Lord had a plan for his life and gives thanks for the wonderful purpose entrusted to him.

*name changed for security



• Praveen asks for much prayer as he ministers to secret believers in this unreached nation and prepares to send others to work there.

• Pray for those willing to go, that the Lord would open doors to enable them to move to the unreached nation soon.

• Pray for secret believers to stand firm and remain encouraged when access to God’s Word and God’s people are so restricted.

• Ask the Lord to bless efforts to reach this land, raising up many workers for the task and transforming the people of this nation for His glory!

You can support the ministry of Praveen and workers like him through our Asian Workers Fund. 


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