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Faith on the frontlines

Giving everything to witness for Christ in Myanmar.

As regular readers of our updates on the situation in Myanmar know, our partners are ministering amid danger and conflict. The past year has seen Burmese forces step up their assault on people groups living along the Thai–Burma border.

Last month, forces moved to attack a new area causing many more people to flee their homes and hide in the jungle. Our partner continues to minister to these people by getting food and other essentials to them. Often our partner also tries to coordinate safe passage away from danger to camps where they are cared for.

Young people from the safe homes provided by our partner have had to relocate several times due to bombing in the area. The attacks have also affected a key contact who has been instrumental in the distribution of aid. This contact is now in hiding. Please pray that the Lord would bring these people to safety.

burmese fighter
burmese fighter

Our partner has also shared some sad news with us. A former student of the local Bible college, called Simon, was shot and killed by the Burmese army just a few weeks ago. Simon leaves behind a wife and three–year–old son. After his training, he began ministering in the areas now dominated by conflict. Over the last few years of his life, Simon felt a particular call to share Christ with local resistance fighters on the front line.

Not long before his death, Simon said, “I am not worried about my own life after death but I am worried for the people in the front line. I have to share Jesus with them before it is too late”.

Simon’s commitment to sharing Christ on the frontline led to his death. While our hearts break for Simon’s family, we rejoice that Simon was right not to worry about his life after death. His eternal place with the Lord is secure. Please pray for Simon’s family in their grief and for the community he leaves behind. Give thanks to God for Simon and his faithful witness on the frontlines. Pray that the Lord would use Simon’s witness to open many eyes to the hope of eternal life.


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