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“I See Your Love For Jesus Christ.”

Three stories of how the Home Alone Appeal is changing lives!

The Home Alone Appeal is providing homes for widows who have lost everything in South–East Asia. Each new home creates an opportunity for the love of God to be shown in word and deed. Below are the stories of three women who have received homes in the past.



Miss Pim has two daughters and a son, all of whom live far away from her. All three refuse to take her in or take care of her at all because of Miss Pim’s faith in Jesus Christ.

The local church heard about Miss Pim’s situation and wanted to help. Your support enabled the church to purchase all the necessary building materials and today Miss Pim has a home of her own.

Although her family want nothing to do with her, Miss Pim says she isn’t lonely. The Christians in the village are her new family and they help take care of her.

miss pim
miss pim



Miss San also received a new home from our partners in South–East Asia.

“Hello to whom I love and highly respect. Thank you so much for your love, your care to us, and your help that you did for my family and me. 

Thank you very much to you for the building materials, rice, and everything else! It is a huge blessing to us! Even though I do not know who you are, I see your love for Jesus Christ. May God bless you!”



Our partners provide homes for widows both young and old. Miss Kia was left with two young children when she lost her husband. Local teams of believers were able to reach out to her, sharing the gospel with her and building a new home for the whole family.


More widows, many of them young with children to care for, are in need of a home this Christmas. Help provide a home today with the Home Alone Appeal.




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