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Hanging On To His Promises

Sharing Christ in Kashmir among women and nomads.

As she jogged along on the mountain pony, Sarah marvelled at the beauty which surrounded her. She had seen pictures of this area of Kashmir before in magazines, but nothing could have prepared her for the view before her. Majestic snow–covered peaks stretched far in the distance and fast–flowing turquoise rivers coursed their way through the verdant valleys, feeding and watering the sheep of the nomads she had come to witness to. 

Sarah had lived her whole life in the city – a world away from the breath–taking scene before her. The terrain was rugged, and she occasionally had to hold on tight to the reins of the pony she rode to prevent a fall. As she did so, Sarah was reminded of her past and how some of the paths she had chosen had not been so smooth. She was raised in a Christian home but had rebelled as a teenager, only attending church on a Sunday to please her mother. Later, she fell in love and married a Muslim man which had enraged both his family and hers. Two years ago, the marriage ended when he was taken captive against his will by his family. Sarah has neither heard nor seen anything of him since and grieves the loss of both his love and companionship. 


God had done an incredible work in both of their lives when He miraculously healed their second daughter in utero, causing Sarah to renew her faith in Christ. Her husband also accepted Jesus as Saviour – a decision which had alienated them even more from his family. 

Since then, she decided to serve her Saviour with every fibre of her being. She set up a small bridal beauty business, popular among women in Kashmir. In her beauty parlour every customer was treated with respect and kindness. As Sarah worked, she spoke of the love of God in Christ and she shared her testimony with her customers. In the past, she faced opposition, even moving house due to hostile neighbours who threatened to burn down her home and kill her family. Just as she hung on to the reins of the pony she now rode, so too had Sarah hung onto the promises of the God who loved her enough to send His Son to die for her. She had seen Him provide and protect her and her children in ways she could never have imagined.

Today, Sarah was travelling into tented villages where the nomad shepherds lived. These dear people live and die within the beautiful valleys and mountains, never having heard of the One who created them. They drank the crystal–clear water never knowing that only Jesus could give them water which was lifegiving. By God’s grace that would change as Sarah, and her small team, sat down with these contented nomads. The shepherds would serve them the Noon Chai (Kashmiri Pink Tea) and they would share the message of the gospel and how God had been at work in each of their lives. Sarah knew they might be chased out of some of the villages but nevertheless she prayed that some of the seed which they planted today would fall on good soil and bring about a harvest of souls.

You can support Sarah, whose name has been changed for security, in Kashmir in India through the Asian Workers Fund.

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