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Made In His Image

Seeing women through God’s eyes.

For many women in Asia, life is incredibly difficult. Across the continent, oppression, denigration and exploitation have become so commonplace that these practices have been normalised, leaving women without basic rights and the honour they are due as God’s image bearers.

In most Muslim–majority nations, the culture is shaped by honour and shame. Dress codes are often rigorously implemented and forced marriages, even for young girls, remain common. Incidents of domestic violence are also widespread, with women often being taught that abuse is something to be endured for the sake of family honour. Women receive significantly less education than men, thus restricting them to menial jobs with long hours. They are also expected to run the home and raise the children. Far too often, widows who have lost their husbands and are unable to work descend into poverty.

hindu woman
hindu woman

Human trafficking is also rife, with women and girls seen as commodities to be owned and sold. Lured with false promises of lucrative work and a greater life, many are ensnared by the sex trade every single day, only to find they have no means of escape.

As we cast our eyes across the continent, we discover little evidence of women being seen the way God sees them. All women are made in His image, created to enjoy freedom and dignity. And yet many are desperately seeking escape from abuse and exploitation, whilst all need to know the restorative power of the grace of God in their lives.

Praise God that He doesn’t see women the way the world often does! In light of His love and justice, we are committed to supporting ministries across Asia which bring the gospel to women whilst lifting them out of poverty, oppression and exploitation. One day, we will see a world where women are as valued and as cherished as they are by our Father in Heaven. Lord, hasten that day!

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