Workers —

Saved at Sunday School!

Reaching the children of Pakistan’s brick factories with the gospel.

Outreach continues among poor communities in Pakistan who are trapped in bonded labour. Unable to ever repay their debt to the masters of the local brick factories, workers are effectively slaves, earning a pittance and unable to leave. 

Your support has enabled our partners to reach out to these communities for many years with both practical help and the gospel. Sunday School classes for children are a fruitful ministry here, and our partners have shared three encouraging stories with us.

woman and child at brick factory
woman and child at brick factory



Salim is a child who began coming along to Sunday School where he quickly began to learn different Bible stories. He began to share these stories with his parents and grandparents when he went home. Through Salim’s witness at home, the whole family have come to faith in Christ. They remain in bonded labour but all have received spiritual freedom in the Lord!


Fighting no more

Another child was well known for getting into fights with other children around the brick factories. The other children began to avoid him and wouldn’t speak to him. Ashamed by their son’s behaviour and seeking intervention, his parents asked one of the Sunday school teachers to invite him to class. The parents hoped that the behaviour of their son would change as he attended the Sunday School. The teacher made a strong connection with the boy and through the sharing of God’s Word, he eventually came to faith! His attitude has been totally transformed and he now brings other children along each week.


From pain to peace 

Earlier this year, our partners shared the awful news of a young girl who had been sexually assaulted in her community. She later connected with our partners’ Sunday School and began coming along to the classes. Her knowledge of the Lord grew and these classes proved to be a great comfort for her. She even began leading the other children in learning memory verses! Today, she educates other girls about how to protect themselves. She has become increasingly bold and courageous since her ordeal, having gained a deeper knowledge of the peace and love found in her loving Father.

Your support is changing lives as children encounter Christ through the Sunday Schools in Pakistan. Giving to our Asian Workers Fund helps believers on the ground reach more children for Jesus!

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