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New opportunities in Nepal

Overcoming lockdown and monsoon rains to get the gospel to people for the very first time!

Our friend and partner Bishnu has been in touch to share news of a recent outreach trip. Nepal has been in lockdown over the summer months and only ended in September. Even when lockdown ended, heavy monsoon rains made travel impossible.

Usually, Bishnu is on the road constantly, travelling to villages and churches to lead outreach and encourage local Christian leaders. Throughout lockdown, he was unable to leave his home city. Undeterred, Bishnu has been kept busy by three students eager to enter the mission field. These students have completed a discipleship program led by Bishnu and are keen evangelists. One of the students goes out to witness to people every day!


While the situation in Nepal allowed Bishnu and his team to be heavily involved in outreach to their home city. Consequently, many have heard the gospel, some even multiple times! However, Bishnu’s focus remains on taking the gospel to those who haven’t heard it before and so he longed to get back out on the road.

Thankfully, as restrictions faded and the weather improved, Bishnu and some others were able to take their first trip to a small village around five and a half hours away. This was a village Bishnu had never visited before. The journey was difficult at times and the four–wheel–drive vehicle provided for Bishnu by AsiaLink supporters proved to be essential for navigating roads in very poor condition. Often the group had to stop to fill in the road with stones to enable the car to pass!

The village is home to a very small fellowship of believers who were greatly encouraged by Bishnu’s visit to them. Outreach began with literature handed out and gospel conversations with the locals. Bishnu shares that the people of the village are hard–hearted towards the gospel. In the past, when believers tried to witness, the local tribal people chased them away. The small church here is also in need of a strong leader able to teach and lead constant outreach.

Despite the challenges of the village, Bishnu returned home encouraged and asks for prayer for this village. He shares that he felt that the village was very dark spiritually. 


How to pray:

• Pray that the Lord would take the seed of His gospel that has been planted and bring people to faith. 

• Pray for the Lord to raise up someone to go to the village to lead the church and continue the work of evangelism here. 

• Praise God for Bishnu and his fellow evangelists for their faithfulness throughout the uncertainty of the past few months. 

• Pray that they would be encouraged by the Lord blessing their efforts as He brings people to new life in Him.

Your support keeps Bishnu and his fellow evangelists on the road to the unreached of Nepal.

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