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Reaching the Khmu

Gospel progress in South–East Asia through faithful evangelism!

Partners in South–East Asia continue to reach the Khmu people group with the gospel in a variety of ways including broadcasts on radio and social media. These have seen an increase in viewers and engagement in recent months, perhaps in part owing to the implementation of restrictions and lockdowns in the region.

Our partners have been greatly encouraged by the response to these broadcasts. On social media, viewers regularly comment to say how they’d love to learn more about this Jesus being spoken of! Through these broadcasts, our partners have connected with people in a hard–to–reach area where around 20 families are eager to be discipled. Pray that the team would overcome hurdles of poor travel conditions and monsoon rains to visit these families soon.

Khmu woman and child
Khmu woman and child

Our partners also reflect on many years of ministry in a different region where the gospel was once unknown. In the early nineties, when our partners first began reaching out to Khmu people there were next to no Christians. In those early years, one pioneer leader was arrested and starved in prison for two weeks. Although he was released after two weeks, he went to be with the Lord shortly after. One of the earliest house churches was also burned to the ground.

Fast–forward to 2021 and our partners praise God for how He has transformed this area. Through decades of evangelism and medical outreach, thousands have come to faith undeterred by the opposition of many. In this one small province, there are over 80 house churches and around 6,000 believers! Two evangelists, trained by our partners, are key parts of this ongoing work – recently, between them, they have led 246 people to Christ! 

Praise God for His goodness and for His saving power in this region and pray for continued blessing on the ministry of our partners.

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