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Good News from Pakistan

Ministry in a nation which is predominantly Muslim can be tough. There is opposition at every turn as local leaders seek to shut down Christian schools, disrupt local churches and prevent witness to the gospel. Our partners know each of these problems only too well. And yet, the faithfulness of God shines through the clouds time and time again. By His grace, wonderful things happen day after day!

Two children in Pakistan
Two children in Pakistan

Gift wrapping the gospel

In the run up to Christmas, our partners were able to hold Christmas parties at which hundreds (if not thousands) of children were reached with the gospel message. Presents were distributed, food was shared, and love was shown to some of the poorest residents of numerous towns and villages.

Further encouragements have come through a new initiative which helps women and girls with personal hygiene and sanitation. The team spent time handing out sanitary supplies in remote villages, and used the opportunity to explain to these individuals how precious and valuable they are. As they demonstrated these truths in a practical way, they found that the door was opened for deep conversations which led to them sharing the gospel! 

Singing a new song

Meanwhile, our partners in the Sindh region had the immense joy of baptising seven new believers in one rural area! This comes after seven others were baptised by the team in November last year. As faithful workers have gone out and shared the gospel, sometimes at great risk to their own personal safety, the Holy Spirit has been at work in the hearts of many!

A Pakistani boy smiling
A Pakistani boy smiling

The Word of the Lord does not return to Him empty, but accomplishes what He desires and achieves the purpose for which He sends it. Now, we can go out with joy, being led forth in peace as the mountains and hills break into song and the trees clap their hands! (see Isaiah 55:11–12)

What a picture! And what a joy to see God’s work in these people’s lives!

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