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History Repeating

As conflict and violence continue in Myanmar, our partners have shared a heart–breaking story with us.

As we’ve previously shared, teams are ministering to people affected by the situation in Myanmar by providing aid and offering shelter to those being displaced from their homes.

Our partners were contacted about two families who had been hiding and living in the jungle since March of this year. They had finally arrived at an area where they could be reached. In urgent need of shelter and food, both families are now being housed by the team in Myanmar.

San, whose name has been changed for security, was one of those given shelter by our partners. San is only 28 years old and is expecting her fourth child. She’s also a widow, having lost her husband earlier this year.


Decades of fighting in Myanmar has shaped San’s life in tragic ways. Her father was killed by the Burmese army after days of beatings and torture while her mother was still pregnant with her. She never got to meet her father. 

All these years later and history has sadly repeated itself.

San’s husband was defending a village from military attack when he and four others were killed by a mortar fired by the army. With the bodies unable to be transported, San’s husband and the others were buried in the jungle. He never knew San was expecting another child.

San and her family are believers and so they take comfort in Christ and in the knowledge that their loved one is in the Lord’s presence. In their hiding place in the jungle, they were able to hold a Christian service of memorial. 

Life in the jungle was very difficult with no clean water and a lack of sufficient food. Health problems were common as they suffered from stomach problems, dehydration and skin diseases. Most days they could hear the distant sounds of warfare and could see war planes fly overhead.

The family prayed for God to send someone to help them as they decided to change location. After three weeks of walking, they finally connected with our partners after hearing about them from others on the journey.

San and her family are incredibly grateful for the love and care they’ve received. Their faith is as strong as ever:

“I don’t know our future, but I know that it is in God’s hands. I know that my husband is safe and one day we will meet again. If I don’t have God, I have nothing but because of God, I still have a future for me and my four children.”

Pray with us for San’s family that the Lord would continue to be source of comfort and peace for them. Pray too for our partners as they provide essential help to those caught in the conflict.


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