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Forced to Flee

Offering shelter and salvation to the displaced.

Your back is aching. When the bombs fell in the middle of the night, you knew it was time to run. You gathered all you could and left the rest behind. After hours of trekking with the few items you could carry, your body is drained. Hungry and thirsty, you wonder if you will ever see home again. You wonder if the fighting will follow you. Above all, you wonder where you will sleep tonight.

Warfare, conflict and persecution are all too common across much of Asia. For millions, trouble has arrived at the doorstep, leaving no other choice but to abandon everything and flee for safety. A horrifying reign of terror was inflicted upon parts of the Middle East by ISIS in the last decade and to this day, camps remain full of refugees in need of support and the hope of the gospel. More recently, this year’s military coup in Myanmar caused chaos, exacerbating the number of people fleeing their homes in a nation where ethnic persecution meant displaced people were already commonplace.

refugee camp
refugee camp

Ministry to people in such tragic circumstances is a powerful part of the work we are involved in, serving both refugees (those who flee their country for safety) and the internally displaced (those forced to relocate within their own country). We help to provide many with shelter and safety, whilst also taking every opportunity to speak of the Saviour. In Iraqi Kurdistan, teams are offering skills training and trauma counselling, alongside sharing the gospel, while believers in Myanmar bravely work in areas of active conflict, protecting the vulnerable by securing safe passage to shelters. Partners are also ministering to Afghans fleeing their homeland in the wake of recent events.

Our hearts break for the millions written off as collateral damage. We long for each individual to find security and rest, both physically, and spiritually in Jesus Christ. Praise God for those intervening in such difficult circumstances, and for the offer of a heavenly home to all who come in faith!

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