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Digital Outreach Update

Tens of thousands of people have been reached with the gospel on their smartphones in recent digital outreaches.

Digital outreach projects are proving a powerful method of sharing the gospel in nations whose governments restrict evangelism and whose people are strongly opposed to Christ. Despite there being technological barriers to overcome, it has been possible to bring the gospel to many this year.

At the start of the summer, separate digital outreach initiatives began in three Muslim–majority nations in the Middle East, each running for one month. People received a gospel message on their phone, along with a link to some resources and the opportunity to start a secure online chat with an evangelist.


At the time of writing, over 55,000 people had accessed an evangelistic video, with over 5,000 of these watching the whole eleven–minute gospel presentation. Hundreds of chats were initiated as a result and a few Muslims have reported coming to faith in Christ – all through an encounter with the gospel on their smartphone! Please pray that the Lord would work in the lives of all those who have heard the gospel through this endeavour, and that He would strengthen the faith of those who have turned from Islam to Christ. Many will have no Christians nearby with whom they can meet for fellowship.

We are looking forward to the launch of another digital outreach elsewhere in Asia, with a potential reach of millions! Please pray that provision would be made for this to go ahead, and for the Spirit to move mightily as the gospel is sent forth.

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