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How do you go about reaching a multi–cultural and biblically–illiterate city like Delhi with the gospel? ‘Girl Talk’ is a series of small friendship communities including Hindu, Muslim and other women in the neighbourhood.

Whilst her husband was busy reaching the city’s urban youth, our partner got together a handful of women, both married and single, to talk about topics such as fashion, beauty, health, nutrition and depression in a safe space.

Indian wedding decorations
Indian wedding decorations

She then trained those women to start up their own groups and identify more leaders. The project may have started small, but it has now grown to nearly 20 groups, with each being led by a Christian woman or having a mature believer as a member.

These are proving to be great spaces to share the applications of the gospel to daily life, and two paid workers regularly invite women from across the groups to a central evangelistic Bible study. It is not uncommon for women to arrive in burkhas, only to remove them and join in with discussion and prayer as the study progresses!

In a city of over 11 million people, these groups may seem like a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless, we pray that this movement will continue to expand, and remember that from even the smallest of our endeavours the Lord can bring about much fruit!


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