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17th November 2021

Three months on from the chaotic return of the Taliban to Afghanistan’s major cities, much uncertainty remains and many Afghans find themselves in desperate need. The situation is particularly perilous given the arrival of winter. Those at risk include Christians who have not yet fled the country, and all those who have crossed borders with no money or possessions with which to sustain themselves.


  • Pray for all those seeking necessities such as food, shelter and medical care this time.
  • Give thanks for the generous support of AsiaLink supporters which is enabling us to assist numerous families who fled the country.
  • Pray that believers would powerfully demonstrate the love of God in their care for Afghan refugees and boldly speak of his goodness to us in Christ.
  • Pray that Christians who have not yet left Afghanistan would know God’s presence with them and trust in His provision.



Rohingya Leader Shot Dead

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1st October 2021

Mohib Ullah, a Rohingya Muslim leader from Myanmar, has been shot dead in a refugee camp in southern Bangladesh. He had been a leading advocate for the Muslim minority group who were forced to flee after the 2017 military crackdown. These people who have survived genocide in their own country now face many dangers, harsh conditions and persistent hopelessness. The Rohingya are prohibited from moving outside their camps and faced further restrictive measures in May due to COVID lockdowns. They must also endure the extremes of the Bangladeshi climate which includes floods, heavy rains and dry–season fires; yet despite this they are forbidden from building stronger shelters to withstand the elements.


  • Ask God that He would raise up others to be a voice for these people and bring about vast improvements for the refugees in both their living conditions and their rights in Bangladesh.
  • These people are among some of the least reached with the gospel – please pray that God would call and send workers to minister in the refugee camps.
  • Pray also that God would be preparing the Rohingya in these unimaginably difficult circumstances to receive Christ. 
  • Pray for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit in this people group.


Source: Al Jazeera, The Guardian, The Joshua Project





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15th November 2021

Praise God that despite COVID restrictions, He is still building His Church in Bhutan. The country has experienced a marked decrease in new cases and churches have been reporting the recommencement of Sunday services, Christian seminars and baptisms of new believers.


  • Praise God for His faithfulness to the churches in Bhutan throughout the pandemic.
  • Give thanks that the country is now emerging from restrictions and for the decrease in cases.
  • Thank God for adding to the church here and pray that these new believers would grow in their faith and continue to walk with the Lord.
  • Pray that Christian leaders would be encouraged and continue to labour for the Lord in Bhutan.





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17th November 2021

In a country where the majority are financially comfortable, and in which evangelism is prohibited, it can be hard to make Jesus known. However, there are particular opportunities for believers to live and work in a country like Brunei, displaying the love of God and the internal work of the Holy Spirit as they go.


  • Please pray that many would consider living and working in an unreached place, trusting God to use them for His purposes.
  • Lift up the people of Brunei who know little of Christ, and pray that they might seek to know more about Him as they read of Him in their holy book.
  • Pray that expatriate believers in the country would be a powerful witness to the Lord, displaying the fruit of the Spirit in every area of their lives.


Tourists Welcome Back

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28th September 2021

The Cambodian Tourism Ministry has announced plans to allow international travellers back into the country as early as November this year. Borders have been closed to tourists since April 2020, but it is anticipated that the country will have reached herd immunity by the end of September when 75% of the population will have been double vaccinated – making Cambodia the second most vaccinated country in South–East Asia.


  • Please pray that Cambodia would indeed see the end of coronavirus.
  • Pray that plans to help tourists return would benefit many Cambodians as job opportunities reappear.
  • With Cambodia known to attract many sex tourists and paedophiles, pray that this new wave of visitors would bless Cambodians rather than exploit them.


Source: FTN News, The Star



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28th September 2021

China is in the process of a “cultural crackdown”, seeking to exercise more social control across the country while limiting other sources of influence present in the media and entertainment industry. There appears to be some concern over the moral aspect of current pop–culture such as the love of gossip or decadency and vulgar nature of so many celebrities. However, many are fearing tighter controls will be something of a return to the pre–reform days.


  • When considering China and the extent of its power and control, both within its borders and across the world, thank God that He is sovereign and turns the hearts of kings wherever He sees fit (Proverbs 21:1).
  • Pray for the many believers and church leaders in China, that as control increases, they would fear God rather than men.
  • Pray that many more people in China would be convicted of their sin and come to know the only Saviour Jesus Christ.


Sources: The Guardian



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17th November 2021

The impacts of the pandemic rumble on across the nation, with schools remaining closed in some areas and a dire situation of hunger breaking out as many have gone without work for months. Our partners on the ground have been distributing food packages for the past 18 months and have provided for over 15,000 people to date. They have also been busy providing protective equipment, hygiene kits, and isolation packages for those forced to isolate.


  • Give thanks for the huge impact our partners have been able to make in painful circumstances.
  • Praise God for His faithful provision which has enabled this work to take place, and give thanks for everyone who has supported the initiative through finances and prayer.
  • Pray that this work would continue to soften hearts to the gospel, and that many would seek the Lord as a result.
  • Ask that the situation would soon ease in every Indian state, enabling the poor to earn a living and children to return to school.





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26th November 2021

The Indonesian government have banned any holiday leave between 24th December and 2nd January for workers of both state–owned and private companies. The country experienced a devastating second wave of cases in July and August this year which followed Islamic celebrations for the end of Ramadan; and officials are wary of a similar surge resulting from Christmas and New Year gatherings.


  • Give thanks that daily case counts are low and pray that these would remain so over Christmas. 
  • Pray for the 10 million people who identify as Christians in the country as they find other ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
  • Ask God that each of them would understand the true meaning of Christmas and appreciate the gospel in a deeper way this year.
  • Ask God for opportunities to make known the coming of His Son to those who do not know Him, despite the lack of celebrations. 





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28th September 2021

At least 72 deaths in Iranian prisons have failed to be investigated in the last 10 years. Over half of these were allegedly resulting from torture or ill–treatment by officials and another 15 followed the harsh suppression of prison protests over COVID–19.


  • Please pray that conditions would improve in Iran prisons and officers held to account.
  • Thank God that during the pandemic some Christian inmates were released to combat the spread of COVID.
  • Remember our brothers and sisters who remain in Iranian prisons, and ask God to give them strength to persevere in Him.
  • Pray that in these harsh conditions, Christians would be bold in making known the mercy of God in Christ Jesus.


Source: IranWire, Open Doors UK



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26th November 2021

The people of Iraq have endured much suffering and upheaval in recent years, but we are encouraged by what God is doing here. Our partners report the growth and establishment of new house churches, along with ongoing leadership training and discipleship. In addition to this, thousands have been reached from one ethnic group with online gospel advertisements in their own language. Meanwhile, other forms of outreach continue to take place. 


  • Pray that the churches in Iraq would continue to multiply and faithfully witness to the gospel in their communities.
  • Pray that as these churches grow in number, believers would also grow in their understanding of God’s Word and their commitment to Christ.
  • Ask that God would bring many who heard the gospel advertisements to faith, and for much fruit from other outreach ministries too.




Election Called for 31st October

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13th October 2021

Japan’s new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced an election following his recent takeover of the Liberal Democratic Party from Shinzo Abe. Kishida has called for a sharp rise in defence spending in response to developments in China and North Korea. Other areas of concern include the availability of COVID vaccines, a politics of trust and accessibility to the public.


  • Thank God for the presence of a stable democracy in Japan.
  • Pray that such political stability would continue alongside economic sufficiency.
  • Ask God to give wisdom and foresight to the next leader; pray that they would protect the Japanese people and maintain peace in this region.
  • Pray that despite the wealth and self–sufficiency of Japan, many would urgently be convicted of their sin and their need for a Saviour.
  • Pray that individual believers and the wider church body in Japan would point people to Jesus with boldness.


Sources: Al Jazeera, Reuters


Commitment to Religious Freedom

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13th October 2021

The Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Committee for Religious Affairs has pledged to “continue to create all necessary conditions for religious freedom” at the recent International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington DC. The country’s 1995 Constitution already ‘allows’ for such freedom as well as proselytization, but restrictions were added in 2011 which favoured the more ‘traditional’ religions of Sunni Islam and Russian Orthodoxy. 


  • Please pray that this more recent commitment would allow for Christians to worship, meet together and share their faith more freely.
  • Pray that the Kazakh government would take necessary measures to protect religious minorities without interfering with their beliefs and practice.
  • Ask that the church in Kazakhstan would be a blessing to the country and a strong testimony to both God’s goodness and the truth of the gospel.


 Source: Christianity Today


Corruption and Protests

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13th October 2021

Kyrgyzstan’s parliament used emergency powers to appoint a new Prime Minister on 9th October after a week of unrest. Protesters had stormed government buildings and freed a former president, imprisoned for corruption, who then addressed a rally himself. A state of emergency has been declared with troops being deployed and curfews announced in Bishkek, the nation’s capital city.


  • Please pray for order and stability across the country.
  • Ask God to place leaders with integrity, wisdom and authority in positions of power.
  • Pray for the newly appointed Prime Minister, Sadyr Zhaparov, and ask that he would be able to establish order.
  • Pray that Zhaparov and others in authority would hear the gospel and turn from any corruption and selfish ambition to live for Jesus. 


Source: Euronews


Christians evicted from villages

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14th October 2021

There are reports of Christians being evicted from villages in various areas across the country. This is often due to the belief that the ‘village spirit’ will be angry and kill the residents if they allow Christians to settle there.


  • Please pray that Christian individuals and families who have been evicted from their homes would be re–settled soon.
  • Ask God that Christians facing hardships, eviction and persecution would be strong in their faith and hold fast to Jesus Christ.
  • Thank God that many people in Laos are trusting in Jesus for the first time.
  • Pray that new Christians would be discipled and that God would raise up and provide training for pastors to shepherd His sheep.




Youth Movement Seeks Reform

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14th October 2021

Discontent over the Malaysian government’s handling of COVID–19 has led to a ‘black flag movement’ initiated by around 40 youth activist groups. Such groups were made up of mostly younger people who were originally concerned with lowering the voting age as well as the issue of unemployment.


  • Pray that as these young people seek social and political change, they would also be more open to the message of the gospel.
  • Pray for the stability of Malaysia in the months ahead, and that any protests would continue to be peaceful. 
  • Pray that any changes would be favourable to Christians and that conditions would allow for the church there to thrive and spread the good news.
  • Please remember those who have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of the authorities for following Jesus.


Source: Al Jazeera



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26th November 2021

The Maldives is facing a triple–threat to its very existence. Rising sea levels, disrupted weather patterns and coastal erosion are all bringing the future of these 1000 islands into question, with some scientists warning that disaster could happen in the next 10 years. Damage to the coral reef has been of particular note of late. This ecosystem is home to nearly all of the islands’ marine life and also acts to protect the coastlines from erosion.

  • Please pray that God would continue to sustain life in the Maldives and give wisdom and foresight as to how to protect Maldivians in the face of these issues. 
  • Ask that as the islands turn to the world for help, this would be accompanied by a greater openness to Christianity and the gospel message.
  • Pray that the islanders would come to call on the name of Jesus Christ and understand that God can only be known through Him. 


Source: Sky News




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15th November 2021

Our partners in Mongolia have reported record numbers of women coming to their pro–life centres. Here, women considering abortion will hear the gospel and receive support and some basic prenatal care. These centres provide an invaluable service in the community with around half of the women going on to keep their babies and half of that number becoming Christians as a result of coming to the centres.


  • Pray for plans now in place for a new centre and for the purchase of an ultra–sound machine.
  • Ask God that women who have attended would go on to have healthy babies and be able to care for them. 
  • Pray that women coming to the centres would trust in Jesus and go on to raise their families in His strength.





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26th November 2021

The Burmese Army is continuing to persecute both ethnic minorities and civilians, reportedly laying landmines in residential areas and carrying out public torture and executions in efforts to reinstate military rule. It is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to get vital aid into the country, and those who have been displaced by the fighting have little or no shelter and provisions.


  • Please pray for a “Damascus Road” experience for the Burmese Army and their leaders.
  • Ask that in their desperation, many people in Myanmar would come to Christ. 
  • Thank God for Christian workers who are seeking to help people inside the country, and ask God to protect them as they minister in very dangerous circumstances.





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26th November 2021

Our partner in Nepal has recently completed discipleship training with a number of students who are keen to grow in their faith and understanding of the gospel. They have been a huge encouragement to him and share his heart for evangelism. He has asked us to pray with him that God would raise up at least one evangelist for each of the seven provinces of Nepal, a country with a staggering percentage of unreached people groups. 


  • Praise God for these Bible students and ask that they would continue to grow in their faith.
  • Thank God for all who have heard the gospel over lockdown when our partner was able to share His faith with many local people.
  • Pray that God would bless trips to remote villages as the easing of COVID restrictions and the end of the monsoon season allow for more travelling.
  • Pray that God would call and equip evangelists for each of the seven provinces of the country.





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15th November 2021

North Korea’s food shortage lingers on as the freezing winter period approaches and there is great concern for those who cannot afford the inflated food prices. In addition to this there have been reports that COVID is spreading in a number of cities despite official records of zero cases. 


  • Please pray for God’s intervention in this whole situation and that those in need would have enough food.
  • Pray that borders would be re–opened in order to allow in much needed humanitarian aid.
  • Pray especially for believers who already endure intense opposition and persecution in addition to these other hardships.
  • Ask God that churches would be able to meet in secret for much needed encouragement.
  • Pray that those in the government would make good, wise decisions and that they would repent and trust in Christ for salvation. 





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26th November 2021

Christian schools in Pakistan are at risk of closure as a result of a shortfall in funds amid the pandemic. Thankfully, our partners who already run a school in the country have adopted another school and supplied a small amount of financial support to keep it running. 178 children are now able to continue their education and it is hoped that similar funds can be provided to other establishments at risk.


  • Thank God for these Christian schools which give disadvantaged children a good education in a safe environment.
  • Pray that such schools would be kept from having to close.
  • Ask that the children will progress well despite disruption caused by lockdowns, since many have little access to online lessons and resources.
  • Pray that these schools would be a testimony to the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel, and that many children and families would come to faith as a result of their work.




Record–High COVID cases

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9th September 2021

Despite a record–high 22,415 COVID cases on Monday 6th September, the capital Manila plans to lift the stay–at–home restrictions which have been in place for the past month. This comes with the hope of reviving the economy, however hospitals are reported to be filling up quickly as many staff have resigned since the pandemic began due to poor conditions and low pay.


  • Pray that as restrictions in Manila ease, cases would stabilise and the economy would begin to recover.
  • Thank God that some limited in–person church services will resume in the capital and ask that His people would be able to worship Him together in safety.
  • Please pray for staff in the hospitals as they come under increasing stress and that God would provide others to fill the vacancies that have been left.


Source: France24, Reuters, Philstar


Sri Lanka


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9th September 2021

Sri Lanka’s President has declared a state of emergency on 30th August as food prices soar and the currency’s value plumets. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa claims that this will prevent the hoarding of essential foods, however the emergency law will also give more power to authorities along with immunity from lawsuits and in the past such legislation has been used by ruling governments to suppress opponents.


  • Please pray for political and economic stability in the country and for sufficient food levels.
  • Remember our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka in these uncertain times and pray that they would know God’s peace that surpasses understanding.  


Source: Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, BBC


Rising Temperatures and Low Rainfall

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9th September 2021

In addition to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria due to the refugee crisis, the region has also been experiencing rising temperatures and “record low” rainfall in recent months, putting millions in danger of losing access to water, electricity and food.

  • Pray that emergency food and water would be provided for those in need in both Syria and Iraq which is also affected.
  • Pray that God would intervene to bring temperate climate conditions to the area.
  • Ask that authorities in the region would not only act to meet immediate needs, but also invest wisely in long term sustainable solutions.
  • Pray that Christians in affected areas would have a deep–seated trust in the Lord who provides.
  • Ask that even in these difficult circumstances, God would be calling people to faith in His Son.


Sources: AP News, Al Jazeera



“Like a horror movie”

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9th September 2021

One AsiaLink partner in the country has likened watching the Thai government handle COVID–19 to watching a horror movie. “Unintelligent, non–sensical decisions seem to be the norm. But unlike in the movies, people are actually dying”, he lamented. As a result, lockdowns continue to be imposed causing children to miss school, businesses to close, jobs to be lost and outreach ministries to struggle.


  • Pray for those who have lost their livelihoods to find provision and peace in the Lord.
  • Pray for the government to turn the tide and get to grips with the virus, allowing the country to open up again.
  • Lift up Christian ministries throughout the nation, and pray that they would find creative ways to engage with their communities and share the love of God. 


Misinformation and Double Standards

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9th September 2021

Despite refusing to acknowledge the coronavirus outbreak in the nation, the government has explicitly stated that mass public events should be avoided. However, the President’s recent lecture on the duties and responsibilities of the younger generation was delivered to a hall full of students, none of whom were wearing masks.

Meanwhile, concerns abound over the possibility of yet another food shortage in the nation this winter. The government continues to insist that farmers have been provided with all the help they could possibly need.


  • Ask the Lord to provide adequate food for the people this winter.
  • Pray that the government would create wise policies and implement them in a consistent manner.
  • Pray that the people of Turkmenistan would have wisdom in discerning fact from fiction.
  • Lift up the millions of people here who have never heard the truth of the gospel – ask that the Lord would reveal himself to many! 


Sources: Eurasianet



Borders Closed to Refugees

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9th September 2021

The Foreign Ministry has taken a hard stance on Afghan migrants, refusing visa requests and insisting that illegal border crossings will be harshly suppressed. This comes in line with historic policies, with the Uzbek government having refused to sign and ratify the Refugee Convention since the Taliban’s reign in the 1990s.


  • Pray for the many Afghans seeking refuge in Uzbekistan to find safety, whether here or elsewhere.
  • Pray that the Uzbek government might have mercy on those crossing the border – particularly those whose lives are in genuine danger.
  • Ask the Lord to work mightily to bring peace in this region through both inter–country relations and spread of the good news of Jesus.


Source: Newsweek



Hard Times in Hoi Chi Minh City

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28th September 2021

COVID–19 is having a significant impact in Vietnam and particularly in Ho Chi Minh City. We know of Christians who have been both personally and financially affected as a result of the virus, and one church recently faced a criminal investigation due to an outbreak linked to their gatherings. 

  • Please pray that residents of the city would have access to food and basic necessities.
  • Give thanks for churches who are seeking to help the needy in their communities.
  • Pray for Christians who have not been able to meet together, that they would continue to follow Christ and grow as believers, knowing the help and peace of the Holy Spirit.



“Marching towards Starvation”

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28th September 2021

16 million people “are marching towards starvation”, with food rations due to be cut in Yemen from October. The head of the UN food agency has called for funding from donor countries to the World Food Programme who have previously stepped up to prevent similar catastrophes. Another $1 billion is needed in addition to the funds already pledged.


  • Please pray for the people of Yemen who have endured so much hardship even before the civil war began in 2014, and who face all of this without the hope found in Christ.
  • Pray for an end to the war.
  • Ask that God would provide the right conditions for the truth of the gospel to be made known and for His church to grow across the country.
  • Thank God for moving nations to provide funds over many years, and ask that future disasters would be averted by His mercy.


Source: Al Jazeera


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