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16th August 2021

Following the government’s rapid capitulation to the Taliban, Afghanistan has been left in a state of fear and panic. The Taliban have declared that the war is over, but the fallout for the Afghan people is only just beginning. We urge all our supporters to pray for the people of this nation.


  • Lift up all those who are vulnerable at this time – Christians, progressive Muslims and women in particular.
  • In light of comments by senior UK officials that not all foreign nationals will make it out of the country, pray for those stranded in the nation – ask the Lord to protect them and smooth their path to safety.
  • Pray for those members of the US military who have not yet left the country, along with British and other foreign troops who have been working with the Kabul Security Force. Pray that they would be led wisely and protect those at risk.
  • Lift up the church in Afghanistan, asking God to strengthen their faith, unite them in love and shine forth the light of the gospel even in this time of fear and uncertainty – pray that He would work miracles in the hearts of the Taliban and the Afghan people through them.
  • Ask that channels would remain open for the provision of emergency aid in the coming weeks and months.
  • Pray that the shift in power would not lead to an increase persecution, marginalisation and terrorism as anticipated.




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14th July 2021

Each year in June, members of minority religions (including Christians) take to the streets of Bangladesh to protest against their persecution. At the heart of the issue is the 1988 constitutional amendment which established Islam as the state religion and has since led to Islamic fundamentalism and discrimination against non–Muslims.


  • Pray that these protesst and other such activism would lead to changes in the treatment of minorities in Bangladesh.
  • Pray for protection for those at risk from Islamic fundamentalists, particularly Rohingya refugees who have already fled persecution in neighbouring Myanmar.
  • Lift up Christians standing up for their rights, that they would do so in a way which is both wise and shrewd, and which honours the Lord.
  • As protesters demand a minority ministry and a commission for religious communities, pray for strong leadership and wisdom should this transpire.


Source: Christianity Today




Overcoming a double threat

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20th August 2021

Guided by exceptional leadership and collective solidarity, the nation finds itself amongst the few countries in the world to have successfully responded to the double threat of coronavirus and climate change. Not only did Bhutan have the world’s fastest vaccine rollout, reaching 90% of the population within a week, it has also committed to remain carbon neutral and ensure that greenhouse gas emissions do not exceed the level at which carbon is absorbed by its forests.


  • Give thanks that the nation has managed the pandemic effectively and not been devastated in the same way as its neighbours.
  • Praise God for the nation’s commitments in tackling environmental problems, and pray that these would have lasting benefits for the population.
  • Pray for the nation to recognise that the consequences of its spiritual problems far outweigh health and environmental concerns, with salvation in Christ being the only true hope for eternity.

Source: Kuensel



Free from troubles?

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20th August 2021

In a country which delights in being ‘free from troubles’, a recent spread of COVID–19 has caused alarm. Government departments are asking the nation to pray corporately over the situation, on top of the five times of daily prayer. Many are hoping that if they pray enough, Allah might have mercy and cure everyone of the disease.


  • Pray that the Lord would break into the hearts of the Brunei Malay during these times of prayer.
  • Pray for believers in this nation which restricts open witness to speak the truth wisely and sensitively as opportunities arise.
  • Pray that the response of God’s people to the virus would be one of peace, forming a powerful witness in contrast with their neighbours.



Quashing the opposition

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21st July 2021

Five years after the death of prominent political activist Kem Ley, Cambodia remains a nation where opposition to the government comes with significant risk. A 2017 crackdown quashed independent media and saw the dissolution of the only major opposition party, and three environmental activists are currently facing serious charges of plotting against the government and insulting the king after documenting river waste run–off in Phnom Penh. It is now widely accepted that the legal system is controlled by and for Prime Minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander who has been in power for over 30 years.


  • Pray that the Lord would work mightily in Cambodia, shaking up the government’s grip on power to make them accountable for every action.
  • Pray that truth would prevail in this nation, both in the realm of politics and through the spread of the gospel.
  • Pray for the Khmer people group, who make up the majority of the population and yet remain largely unreached.





Innovation and Aggravation

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21st July 2021

China is increasingly being seen as a threat by major economies around the world. High levels of innovation and productive power have seen the nation rise to economic prominence, with a debut of the world’s fastest train being its latest notable achievement. But of equal concern has been the nation’s aggressive approach to the rest of the world, seeking opportunities to seize influence across the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and North Africa, whilst also being accused of hacking and directly threatening western industry and politics.


  • Pray that the innovation in China would in due course prove beneficial to its citizens and to the global population – particularly the poor.
  • Pray that the nation’s approach to international relations would be in line with international law and standards of practice.
  • Lift up the leaders of other nations, and ask that they would have wisdom in dealing with China, whether they are beneficiaries of its influence or those perceiving the nation as a threat.
  • Continue to pray for believers in China – that they would serve Christ above the Communist Party and seek the good of those around them.


Sources: CNN, New York TimesThe Times


Acting in love

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20th August 2021

Support for the poor continues amid the repercussions of Covid–19 restrictions. A team in the south of the nation have been providing survival kits to families including rice, wheat, spices, cooking oil and soap. One migrant worker, carrying his two children around his waist, asked one of the workers why they were helping him. They replied, “Jesus loves you and we love you, and we want to help you”. At this, the man began to weep uncontrollably.


  • Pray for all those who have struggled to support themselves and their families in recent times.
  • Lift up the many millions in India who do not know of God’s love for them, and pray for a real movement of the Lord to bring many to Himself.
  • Give thanks for God’s people in the nation who are witnessing both in word and deed, being a blessing to those around them as they speak of the Saviour.
  • Pray that many would see the Spirit at work in God’s people and come to trust in Christ.




Four motorbikes provided

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27th August 2021

A portion of the funds raised through our ‘On Your Bike’ appeal are helping to provide four motorbikes to believers reaching fellow Indonesians. One couple on the island of Sumatra will use their motorbike to run a small business and engage with the local Muslim community, whilst another worker on the island of Java will use hers in the task of helping those who return to the nation having met with Christ whilst working abroad.

  • Give thanks to the Lord for the incredible response of our supporters to this appeal.
  • Pray for all those receiving the bikes to receive them with gratitude and put them to good use for God’s kingdom.
  • Lift up the many unreached people across Indonesia’s thousands of islands.



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21st July 2021

42 years after Iran’s Islamic revolution, the underlying resentment against the regime is increasingly boiling over. The latest catalyst for unrest is Iran’s current water crisis, with shortages in the south–west sparking protests across the nation. A video from the town of Izeh shows demonstrators praising Rezah Shah, the former monarch, whilst another showed women at a Tehran metro station shouting “Down with the Islamic Republic”. The nation’s frustration with its leaders has softened many hearts to the gospel, but also risks erupting into conflict.


  • Lift up those suffering from water shortages, economic turmoil and the effects of the pandemic in Iran.
  • Pray that opposition to the regime would be safely coordinated, and that it would be neither conducted through nor met with violence.
  • Pray that people’s openness to the gospel would continue, with many discovering the water which wells up to eternal life.
  • Ask the Lord to grow the Iranian church in breadth and depth despite government opposition.
  • Pray that the people of Iran would know freedom of speech and religion one day soon.


Source: Reuters


Water crisis

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27th August 2021

A collection of 13 aid groups have warned that 5 million people in Syria and 7 million in Iraq are losing access to water amid rising temperatures and low rainfall. The shortage is not only affecting supplies of drinking water, but also the ability to undertake agricultural work, with some crop yields expected to fall by 70%. One NGO worker has claimed that this “will soon become an unprecedented catastrophe pushing more into displacement”.


  • Pray that God would intervene and provide water for those most vulnerable to this drought, who are primarily the displaced and the poor.
  • Pray that food would be provided amid shortfalls in agricultural production.
  • Lift up governments and NGOs, and ask that they would find sustainable solutions to prevent future crises.
  • Ask that believers in the region would have a sense of peace and a spirit of generosity, bearing witness to their faith in the Lord.
  • Pray that in this time of distress, many would cry out to the Lord and discover a spring of water which wells up to eternal life.



Source: Al Jazeera





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23rd July 2021

The Olympics are officially underway! After being delayed for a year and after much scrutiny over whether they would go ahead, the events have kicked off. The Opening Ceremony has finished and while there was no crowd inside the stadium, there was one outside, some of whom were protesting. Polls have consistently shown the majority of the Japanese public are opposed to the Games. These Games are costing approximately £11.5 billion and are at risk of becoming a superspreader event, with Tokyo already in its fourth virus–related state of emergency.


  • Though the world is physically divided by restrictions, pray that through this Olympics there would be a global feeling of unity.
  • Pray that the sport would also unite the citizens of Japan amidst their concerns.
  • Pray for the safety of athletes, staff and foreign press.
  • Lift up Christian athletes and staff, praying that they would be good ambassadors for both their countries and the Lord. Pray that they would be distinct in how they compete, win and lose.


Sources: Al Jazeera, BBC


Danger of Drought

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28th July 2021

Since May, Kazakhstan has been struggling with drought, with one implication being that livestock farmers have had to resort to feeding their animals anything they could find, even cardboard. At least 3,000 cattle have died in one region alone, causing the agricultural minister to resign, whilst a six–month ban on exporting livestock fodder has just been announced. Locals say they have never seen a drought on this scale before.


  • Pray that Kazakh farmers who have lost livestock will receive the help they need to recover.
  • Pray for fodder producers who will now suffer major losses due to export restrictions, and ask that they would find ways to persevere.
  • Pray for rain to come and bring an end to the drought in this region.


 Source: IntelliNews


New Bill threatens NGOs

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28th July 2021

After over a year of debate, a controversial NGO bill has finally come into force. In the name of financial transparency, reporting requirements for NGOs are being increased. However, many fear potential misuse of the bill. Similar laws elsewhere have hindered freedom of expression and the progress of human rights by limiting the ability of organisations to criticise governments. Some predict that the bill will be selectively enforced against Western–funded organisations which have long been accused of serving Western interests, undermining traditional values and threatening national security. Religious NGOs are exempt from this bill, for now.


  • Pray that this new bill will be used for the good of the people of Kyrgyzstan rather than serving the interests of a few.
  • Pray that Christian organisations working in the country will not be negatively impacted going forward.
  • Ask that God would raise up strong Christian leaders in Kyrgyzstan who can positively impact the nation.


Source: The Diplomat


Dams causing distress in Luang Prabang

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21st July 2021

China’s latest foreign infrastructure investment – the construction of a dam north of Luang Prabang – is causing concern on multiple levels. First, there is the risk of the scenic former capital losing its UNESCO World Heritage status. Perhaps more seriously, there is even a risk that the project could threaten the welfare of the local people. One commentator raised the concern that if owners of the various damns north of the city do not communicate sufficiently, serious flooding could result. Meanwhile, China also continues work on a railway connecting Kunming with the Lao capital, Vientiane.

  • Pray for wise decisions regarding the safety and suitability of the dam’s construction.
  • Lift up the people of Luang Prabang, and pray that all decisions would recognise their concerns and consider their safety above all else.
  • Pray that China’s increasing financial and political influence in Laos and other nations would not create additional barriers to the progress of the gospel.


Sources: The Third Pole, China Dialogue




Pandemic disrupts ethnic elitism

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21st July 2021

Whilst having an ‘all–Malay’ government initially pleased ethno–nationalists, the poor performance of the current administration during the pandemic has led to a shift in thinking. Now, professionals from all races are calling for a government based not on ethnicity but on competence. Young Malaysians in particular are less afraid of speaking out, with the issues of inequality and rights coming to the fore. The pandemic has served as a breeding ground for new political thought, but whether these new narratives will supplant the old ones remains to be seen. 


  • Pray that the freedom of speech would be upheld to a greater extent, eliminating fear in opposing government policy and action.
  • Ask that as new political ideas are developed, they would be centred on just and good foundations and promote the value of every individual.
  • Lift up believers in Malaysia, and pray that they would be a shining light in the way they speak about politics, rights, faith and the value of the individual.


Source: CNA


Good things come to an end

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27th August 2021

Whilst the travel restrictions of 2020 saw visits to the Maldives fall dramatically, the industry has picked up where it left off. One resort director explained that they were fully booked from December 2020 to April 2021. She told of one family who kept extending their stay over the course of two months to avoid returning home to the UK – a story which highlights both the attraction of such a beautiful location and the temporary nature of the pleasures of this world.

  • Praise God who is the source of all beauty and the giver of all good things.
  • Pray that many tourists would recognise the fleeting nature of worldly pleasures and seek beauty and joy which lasts into eternity.
  • Pray that workers in the Maldivian tourist trade would have their faith and assumptions challenged by Christian tourists who speak the good news and live it out with wisdom and grace.
  • Pray for the handful of believers on the islands – particularly those form a Muslim background– to find encouragement in the Lord despite the challenges they face.



Source: NY Times



Tentatively opening

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20th August 2021

Facing a COVID–19 risk from neighbouring China, the Mongolia authorities acted shrewdly to secure significant vaccine supplies and now rank among the world’s most vaccinated countries as a result. With a healthcare system unable to deal with any kind of surge in cases, the government have been incredibly cautious since the pandemic began and have only recently begun to loosen restrictions on entry to the country. 

  • Give thanks that the virus has not yet swept across this nation in any significant way.
  • Pray that the vaccines administered would be effective in reducing the effects of the virus among the people of Mongolia.
  • Pray that the nation would soon be able to open up once more, allowing people to work and travel freely and alleviating many of the pressures people have faced in recent times.


Source: i News



War waged on minorities amid coup

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27th August 2021

Since the coup earlier this year, violence and conflict have forced our partners offering shelter to children and young people in need to move them into hiding among several trusted villages. These villages have been supported with secret food and supply drops in the jungle.⁠

However, over 30,000 Burmese soldiers have moved into the area and heavy fighting has broken out. One team of volunteers who were bringing aid to local people were arrested over the weekend. An elderly man helping with the children was seriously wounded with a shot to the head.⁠⁠ Local leaders fear that large–scale war against the minority people groups is imminent and our partners simply ask for us to pray the words of Psalm 91 into these unimaginable circumstances. ⁠

Read Psalm 91:14–15 HERE 




Chronic instability

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27th August 2021

Sher Bahadur Deuba was appointed as Nepal’s prime minister for a fifth time in July. He now faces the challenge of keeping the government going amid tensions between various parties in the coalition government, all whilst conducting a recovery from the pandemic. The problem is only highlighted by the fact he had not compiled his cabinet at the end of his first month in office, and there seems to be little confidence in this government becoming the first to avoid collapse in over 30 years.


  • Pray for the people of Nepal whose lives are most affected by this chronic political instability.
  • Pray that the needs of the poor would not be forgotten amid the urgency of appointing key ministers and resolving issues such as foreign policy.
  • Pray that the incoming government would relax the nation’s stance in opposition to the sharing of the gospel.
  • Pray for believers in the country to continue as God’s faithful witnesses, responding wisely to every act of opposition and every gospel opportunity.


Sources: Diplomat, Kathmandu Post




Cut off in a crisis

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20th August 2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that food shortages in North Korea are having a significant impact not only on rural areas, but also in the city of Pyongyang. The nation closed its borders in fear of coronavirus, but the resulting inability to trade with China has exacerbated the nation’s problems. 

  • Pray that the people of North Korea would be provided for in this time of need.
  • Lift up the leaders of the nation and pray that they would act in the interests of the whole population.
  • Pray that the Lord might be at work in the hearts of many who do not know Him, and that He would sustain those who do.




Saved through a Sunday school

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27th August 2021

A boy whose family are enslaved in a brick factory was renowned for beating other children, to the extent that nobody would greet him. His parents were ashamed and asked a Sunday school teacher to invite him along in the hope that his behaviour would change. The worker developed a strong rapport with the boy, who enjoyed the Sunday school classes and has now come to faith. His attitude has been totally transformed and he now brings other children along each week!


  • Give thanks for God’s work in the life of this boy, bringing him into His family and changing his heart towards others.
  • Praise God for the many Sunday school teachers faithfully sharing the good news with children in poor communities.
  • Ask that many more children would trust in Christ and point their families to God’s love and grace at the cross.





Record–High COVID cases

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9th September 2021

Despite a record–high 22,415 COVID cases on Monday 6th September, the capital Manila plans to lift the stay–at–home restrictions which have been in place for the past month. This comes with the hope of reviving the economy, however hospitals are reported to be filling up quickly as many staff have resigned since the pandemic began due to poor conditions and low pay.


  • Pray that as restrictions in Manila ease, cases would stabilise and the economy would begin to recover.
  • Thank God that some limited in–person church services will resume in the capital and ask that His people would be able to worship Him together in safety.
  • Please pray for staff in the hospitals as they come under increasing stress and that God would provide others to fill the vacancies that have been left.


Source: France24, Reuters, Philstar


Sri Lanka


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9th September 2021

Sri Lanka’s President has declared a state of emergency on 30th August as food prices soar and the currency’s value plumets. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa claims that this will prevent the hoarding of essential foods, however the emergency law will also give more power to authorities along with immunity from lawsuits and in the past such legislation has been used by ruling governments to suppress opponents.


  • Please pray for political and economic stability in the country and for sufficient food levels.
  • Remember our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka in these uncertain times and pray that they would know God’s peace that surpasses understanding.  


Source: Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, BBC


Rising Temperatures and Low Rainfall

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9th September 2021

In addition to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria due to the refugee crisis, the region has also been experiencing rising temperatures and “record low” rainfall in recent months, putting millions in danger of losing access to water, electricity and food.

  • Pray that emergency food and water would be provided for those in need in both Syria and Iraq which is also affected.
  • Pray that God would intervene to bring temperate climate conditions to the area.
  • Ask that authorities in the region would not only act to meet immediate needs, but also invest wisely in long term sustainable solutions.
  • Pray that Christians in affected areas would have a deep–seated trust in the Lord who provides.
  • Ask that even in these difficult circumstances, God would be calling people to faith in His Son.


Sources: AP News, Al Jazeera



“Like a horror movie”

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9th September 2021

One AsiaLink partner in the country has likened watching the Thai government handle COVID–19 to watching a horror movie. “Unintelligent, non–sensical decisions seem to be the norm. But unlike in the movies, people are actually dying”, he lamented. As a result, lockdowns continue to be imposed causing children to miss school, businesses to close, jobs to be lost and outreach ministries to struggle.


  • Pray for those who have lost their livelihoods to find provision and peace in the Lord.
  • Pray for the government to turn the tide and get to grips with the virus, allowing the country to open up again.
  • Lift up Christian ministries throughout the nation, and pray that they would find creative ways to engage with their communities and share the love of God. 


Misinformation and Double Standards

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9th September 2021

Despite refusing to acknowledge the coronavirus outbreak in the nation, the government has explicitly stated that mass public events should be avoided. However, the President’s recent lecture on the duties and responsibilities of the younger generation was delivered to a hall full of students, none of whom were wearing masks.

Meanwhile, concerns abound over the possibility of yet another food shortage in the nation this winter. The government continues to insist that farmers have been provided with all the help they could possibly need.


  • Ask the Lord to provide adequate food for the people this winter.
  • Pray that the government would create wise policies and implement them in a consistent manner.
  • Pray that the people of Turkmenistan would have wisdom in discerning fact from fiction.
  • Lift up the millions of people here who have never heard the truth of the gospel – ask that the Lord would reveal himself to many! 


Sources: Eurasianet



Borders Closed to Refugees

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9th September 2021

The Foreign Ministry has taken a hard stance on Afghan migrants, refusing visa requests and insisting that illegal border crossings will be harshly suppressed. This comes in line with historic policies, with the Uzbek government having refused to sign and ratify the Refugee Convention since the Taliban’s reign in the 1990s.


  • Pray for the many Afghans seeking refuge in Uzbekistan to find safety, whether here or elsewhere.
  • Pray that the Uzbek government might have mercy on those crossing the border – particularly those whose lives are in genuine danger.
  • Ask the Lord to work mightily to bring peace in this region through both inter–country relations and spread of the good news of Jesus.


Source: Newsweek




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19th July 2021

Vietnam has been tightening censorship in an attempt to control ‘anti–state’ activities on social media. The nation runs perhaps the largest social media influence network in South–East Asia, with many “influencers” in Vietnam being soldiers in an online warfare unit called Force 47 which creates and moderates online material. A Reuters study found that since it was created in 2016, Force 47 had set up hundreds of pro–government Facebook pages and groups, and has published thousands of pro–government posts and stories. A Cybersecurity Law is frequently cited when arresting and questioning Christians who post information about their groups on Facebook and other websites.

  • Pray that these restrictions would not restrict Christian activities which rely on social media.
  • Pray that limits on freedom of speech and freedom of religion would be eased.
  • Pray for protection and wisdom for Christians in Vietnam as they decide how best to share information and challenge injustice.


Sources: Reuters, VOA News


Education Emergency

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15th July 2021

Two million children are currently out of school in Yemen, with conflict, poverty, and Covid–19 proving devastating for the education system. Not only does an uneducated generation threaten the future prosperity of the country, but today these children are at greater risk of exploitation. In 2013, 17% of children were engaged in child labour. Today, this is likely much higher. Around 600 children are recruited into armed groups each year, and over 70% of girls are married before the age of 18. These situations can all be severely harmful to the children and make a return to education much less likely.


  • Ask that God would protect and strengthen the millions of children in Yemen.
  • Pray that Christians in the country would love and lead children well, providing education and safety to them when it is lacking.
  • Pray for an end to conflict and Covid–19 in the region.


Source: UNICEF


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