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4th June 2021

Believers in Afghanistan ask for prayer that the US and NATO would not pull troops out prematurely. They say that, “According to every statement made by the NATO officials and experts and to our own conviction the Afghan army and police are not in a position to defend their own country. As a result, this will lead most likely to a take–over by the Taliban sooner or later. Fighting is even now reaching to many parts of Afghanistan.”


  • Pray that the country will not fall back into the hands of the Taliban, either through NATO reversing their decision or through a miracle from God.
  • Pray for Covid–19 relief in the midst of this uncertainty and fear. Relief efforts are going well but the team are facing pressure from so many people calling for help. Pray for strength, wisdom and protection for them!



Reaching the Meitei Kabui

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15th April 2021

Originally from Manipur in north–eastern India, the Meitei Kabui people worship Sanamahi as a god in every corner of every house, along with his brother Pakhangba, the dragon god, as their supreme god and creator.

One evangelist working among these people reported that his outreach was curtailed by COVID–19 restrictions. Nevertheless, he has continued to encourage his fellowship of 19 believers through home visits and has had opportunities to share the gospel with 30 others. He continues to disciple one man in particular, preparing him to also take on the work of an evangelist in days to come.


  • Give thanks for those reaching out to this lost people group, and for the availability of the Bible and the Jesus Film in their heart language.
  • Pray that many Meitei people would come to recognise the Lord as the Creator of all things and His Son as the way to forgiveness and life in Him.
  •  Ask the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers with a heart for these people.




Overcoming geography

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11th June 2021

Bhutan is being heralded as a success story in the race for vaccination. Despite its difficult geographical challenges, the nation is on course to vaccinate over 90% of the eligible adult population thanks to the use of helicopters and health workers who trekked between villages, sometimes through ice and snow. These are the same conditions our partners face as they seek to bring the gospel to remote areas of Bhutan, with great efforts needed to bring good news to the nation’s unreached people.


  • Give thanks that Bhutan has not been hit heavily by COVID–19.
  • Lift up the many unreached people in this nation, who often live in remote and hard–to–reach places.
  • Pray for gospel workers to have great boldness and creativity in reaching the whole nation, despite opposition and government restrictions on evangelism.

Source: UN



Professing Professionals

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4th June 2021

The majority Brunei Malay people remain a people in need of Jesus. They are lost spiritually, but they do not know it. Please pray for the lives and witness of believers who have regular contact with Brunei Malay. Many of these believers are living out their faith daily in their professions, including Christian teachers, maids, doctors and businesspeople.


  • Lift up Christian professionals working alongside Malays who do not know Jesus. Ask that through the stresses, disappointments and joys of daily working life, the character and behaviour of believers would be distinct and attractive to those around them.
  • Pray for every believer in Brunei, all of whom have Malay neighbours, colleagues, teammates or friends. Ask that the light of Christ would be evident in each life.
  • For local Malays who have opened their hearts to Jesus, ask that they would have the opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding and that their faith would spread.



Turning from ghosts and animal sacrifices

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15th April 2021

“The people living in my mission field believe in ghosts and ancestor spirits”, reports ‘O’, a gospel worker in the north–east of the country. Many of his neighbours also sacrifice animals to the god Preah Sen in order to have their prayers answered. Into this context, O speaks of the One who laid down his life as a perfect and sufficient sacrifice for the sins of the world, and of the Father who loves to give good gifts to his children as they come to him with prayers and petitions.

In recent months, O’s ministry has been confined to 3 villages, where has witnessed to around 200 people and seen twenty trust in Christ.


  • Give thanks for O’s faithful work for the Lord in a context of spiritual darkness, and praise Him for bringing some to faith.
  • Pray that those who come to faith would grow into maturity through joyful fellowship with other believers, faithful teaching of the Scriptures and a rich prayer life.
  • Pray that many in this region would come to recognise Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice and delight in the gift of redemption and reconciliation found in Him.




Hong Kong ‘celebrates’ first national security day

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15th April 2021

Hong Kong’s first National Security Day is designed to promote new laws introduced to prevent subversion, secession, “terrorism” or collusion with foreign forces with possible punishments including life in prison. Parades took place and exhibitions were held in schools, where teachers are being forced to warn primary and secondary students against committing “subversion”. Over 100 people have been arrested under the law since its introduction last summer.


  • Pray that justice would be done in Hong Kong and across China, despite the rollout of restrictive laws.
  • Pray that believers in Hong Kong would be a shining light, coming alongside those who are afraid with compassion and eternal hope.
  • Lift up all those who are moving from Hong Kong to the UK, and pray that the church would be at the forefront of welcoming and blessing them for God’s glory (see for more info).


Sources: Financial Times, Al–Jazeera



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4th June 2021

India recently surpassed 300,000 coronavirus deaths. On top of this, a new fatal black fungus is causing further challenges to the fight against the virus, and just 3.8% of the population is vaccinated despite the country being the world’s biggest producer of vaccines. Meanwhile, a second cyclone within a week has hit the east coast of India causing over one million people to be evacuated. Four deaths have been recorded so far.


  • Pray for an end to the spread of Covid–19 in India.
  • Ask that God would protect those on the Odisha–Bengal coast from the destruction of Cyclone Yaas.
  • Lift up believers in India, that they would have the strength to show radical love to their neighbours and shine brightly in the midst of such pain and darkness.




christian schoolgirl sparks reform

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17th March 2021

A viral video of a meeting with a school official, secretly filmed by the parents of a Christian schoolgirl who refused to wear a hijab, has sparked national reform. There are concerns in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, about growing religious intolerance. However, this is a small victory for religious minorities. Before this new ban on forced hijab wearing in schools, millions of students and teachers were bullied and intimidated into wearing a Hijab sometimes leading to expulsion and resignation.

  • Thank God for the boldness of that one Christian schoolgirl who has sparked national change.
  • Pray for further easing of restrictions to allow greater religious freedom in Indonesia.
  • Ask that Christians in Indonesia would be bold in standing firm in their faith despite verbal and sometimes violent pressure.


Sources: TRT World, Spectator



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27th April 2021

Unsanitary and overcrowded prisons plus as rapidly spreading virus are a deadly combination. This is why Iran has released or pardoned up to 100,000 prisoners since the start of the pandemic. Many of those in Iranian prisons are Christians, arrested for ‘spreading propaganda against the regime’, or for ‘security purposes’, after sharing the love of God. Four believers called Ismail, Mohammad, Alireza and Hojjat were arrested last week in Khuzestan province by intelligence agents. One was beaten during questioning and the case isn’t over yet, but they were released, apparently because of COVID–19.


  • Join us in praying for our brothers Ismail, Mohammad, Alireza and Hojjat, that they would remain firm in their faith despite this very real threat.
  • Praise God for turning this pandemic of restrictions into freedom for these Christian prisoners unjustly arrested for the sake of the gospel.
  • Ask for protection over believers in Iran, that they would be kept safe from authorities but continue to live fearlessly for God.


Sources: Middle East Concern, Human Rights Watch


A call for love and tolerance

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17th March 2021

Iraq’s Prime Minister has called for “love and tolerance” between the country’s rival political groups in light of the Pope’s visit to the country this month. Since taking office last year, PM Kadhimi has sought to oppose the extremists currently operating outside of state control. Many hope this first ever visit by a Pope to the nation will boost international support for the PM’s efforts. Despite recent years of hostility, Christian and Muslim groups have coexisted side–by–side in Iraq for 1400 years.


  • Pray that the meeting of leaders this month would foster closer relationships and promote peace between all religious groups.
  • Pray for the fight against armed extremist groups who are harming citizens and targeting Christians.
  • Pray for believers facing persecution for converting from Islam, that they might persevere in God’s strength.


Sources: Comment Central, Reuters




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27th April 2021

COVID–19–related deaths surpassed 10,000 in Japan in the past week. Tokyo, Osaka and two other virus hotspots entered their third state of emergency since the pandemic began, and only around 1% of the Japanese population has been vaccinated to date. With less than 90 days to go before hosting the biggest international event since the pandemic began, it is no wonder that over one third of Japanese people believe the event should be cancelled or rescheduled once more.


  • Pray that God would guide the decisions of Prime Minister Suga and others in leadership, so that lives are protected and the nation can recover quickly. 
  • With test events already being rescheduled, relocated and cancelled, ask for wisdom for the Olympic and Paralympic organisation committees, so that when the Games officially begin, they would be able to adapt to changes effectively.
  • With Christians making up just 2.2% of the Japanese population, pray for Christian athletes and staff who are due to arrive, that God would use them to reach the Japanese people they interact with. 


Sources: MSN, Japan Times



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27th April 2021

Like many Asian nations, Kazakhstan has a complex relationship with China. Demonstrators recently staged anti–China protests in towns and cities throughout the nation, rallying against China’s increasing influence and economic power. These sentiments are widespread throughout the country and the upswell in anger has led to a new ban on the sale and lease of agricultural land to foreigners, described as a “rare victory for grassroots campaigning”.

The fear of the Chinese buying up all of their land, the growing presence of Chinese enterprises, the nation’s increasing debt to China and the persecution of ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang are all serving to strengthen the fear of Chinese expansion.


  • Lift up the 4.9 million people in Kazakhstan who identify as Christian, that they would have a strong relationship with the Lord and be a non–anxious presence in this time of fear and passion.
  • Pray that God would give believers wisdom in how to balance fighting for justice and being peacemakers in their nation.


 Source: EurasiaNet, RFERL


Democracy or Khanate?

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27th April 2021

A majority of 79% of voters have endorsed a constitutional blueprint which abandons the parliamentary system and grants President Japarov significant power. It is telling that the voter turnout was just 37%, with accusations of bribery and voter fraud abounding. The President has widespread support among the working class, but some fear that a ‘khanate’ is being created – a feeling exacerbated when the health minister promoted a poisonous root as a miracle cure for COVID–19. Japarov insists that he is not an autocrat, but a democrat determined to “learn the lessons of history”.


  • Pray that Kyrgyzstan would be governed with transparency and integrity, for the benefit of its citizens.
  • Ask that truth would prevail in this land, both in the political sphere and in the spread of the gospel.
  • Pray that President Japarov would come to know the Lord and be moved by the Spirit to govern in a godly manner.


Sources: The Economist, ACCA


Unemployment soaring amid pandemic

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27th April 2020

Since the pandemic began, unemployment figures have soared by 20%, and a fresh wave of cases looks likely to worsen the situation still. This makes the work of providing employment and agricultural skills even more important in a nation where many struggle in poverty. We give thanks for those who are providing essential training and resources for the people of Laos – particularly to believers who experience even greater marginalisation and persecution in times of trouble. 

  • Pray for the nation amid a new wave of cases, that healthcare systems would cope and livelihoods would not be lost.
  • Pray for believers as they find themselves at the back of the queue for assistance, that the Lord would provide.
  • Give thanks for those bringing essential skills and provisions to vulnerable groups, and pray that the light of Christ might shine through their efforts.




The Spotify Playlist of Dissent

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27th April 2021

An outspoken graphic artist was censored by Spotify and arrested for allegedly insulting the Malaysian Queen. Twenty officers arrived at the home of Fahmi Reza, forcing their way in and seizing his electronic devices before taking him into custody. The playlist in question featured a number of songs on the theme of jealousy, after the Queen accused Instagram followers of being jealous of royal access to COVID–19 vaccinations. This incident comes amid a crackdown on dissent by the government.


  • Pray that the royal family and government would recognise their position before the Lord in humility and seek forgiveness, reconciliation and new life in Christ.
  • Pray that discussions on issues of truth and freedom would create gospel opportunities for believers in Malaysia.
  • Pray that the nation would be governed justly and the right to freedom of speech upheld.


Source: Vice


‘Vaccine vacations’ considered

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15th March 2021

Hotels in the Maldives boasted some of the highest room rates in the world until COVID–19 travel bans in the West shrunk the market. In response, many mid–range resorts have instead begun to entice middle class Indian tourists by inviting well–known influencers to the islands. The Maldivian government are also reportedly considering making ‘vaxications’ available, whereby tourists would receive two doses of a vaccine during a multi–week stay. 

  • Pray that as tourism continues to rebound in the Maldives, those working in and around the industry would be kept safe from the virus.
  • Pray that the government would lead wisely and carefully prioritise the safety of its citizens amid the lure of tourist income.
  • Lift up the tiny number of believers in this nation, many of whom worship the Lord in secret.
  • Pray that Christian tourists who visit the islands would be a powerful witness, challenging the stereotypes many Muslims hold of Christian ‘immorality’.

Sources: Singapore Tatler; Hindustan Times



Distributing over 1200 winter kits

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11th June 2021

Thanks to the overwhelmingly generous giving of AsiaLink supporters, our partners are working on a project which will see the distribution of over 1200 winter kits to children in great need. The kits will enable children to attend school and escape the dangers of abuse at home during the harsh Mongolian winters, and as they are distributed, the gospel will be shared. We give thanks that the jackets and boots will be produced by a generous Christian factory owner in Mongolia, who has provided a significant discount to help the project reach as many families as possible.

  • Join us in giving thanks for the generosity of hundreds of AsiaLink supporters.
  • Lift up the team on the ground as they make preparations to distribute these kits through dozens of local churches.
  • Pray that the believers who distribute the kits would be full of the Spirit, witnessing powerfully to Christ in their words and actions.
  • Ask that the Lord would graciously save many families for eternal life as children receive these kits and hear of the Saviour.




A nation on the brink

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15th March 2021

Protests continue in Myanmar and are frequently being met with a violent response. It has been reported that the police are tracking down places where protestors live and stay, causing a further escalation of tensions between the authorities and the nation’s citizens. In more rural areas, many families are having to trek deeper and deeper into the jungle to avoid attacks by the military.

The closure of banks is making it hard for our partners to distribute funds to gospel workers and there are fears that the military might begin attacking Christians if they are able to establish their power.

  • Please lift up the nation of Myanmar amid this chaos, and pray for a just and peaceful resolution.
  • Pray for all those who have had to flee their homes as a result of military attacks.
  • Lift up our partners as they seek to support gospel workers around the nation in such challenging circumstances.
  • Pray that believers would be kept safe from any targeted persecution by the military.




Lost in legalism

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15th March 2021

A concern has been raised by gospel workers in Nepal about teaching among the nation’s churches on the subject of salvation. It seems that many pastors have led their churches down the path of legalism, largely due to a lack of theological education. We are pleased to hear that a booklet is being produced to further educate pastors on this vital doctrine, and also welcome the news of a Bible college being under construction in a rural area. 

Our partners are seeking to gently correct false teaching as they share fellowship with pastors around the nation, and we hope to provide further help in this area once travel restrictions are lifted.


  • Please pray for church leaders in Nepal, who seek to shepherd the flock with minimal support and education in matters of theology, discipleship and pastoral care.
  • Pray that the booklet being produced would be read by many pastors, and that it would lead to improved teaching across the nation.
  • Pray that the new Bible college would be a place where God does great things; ask that his Word would be taught faithfully and that the Spirit would shape the hearts of all who attend.
  • Ask that the church in Nepal would grow in spiritual maturity and rejoice in the grace and mercy of God in Christ.




Recognising weaknesss but pursuing power

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11th June 2021

In a rare acknowledgement of weakness, Supreme Leader recently called on the country to prepare for an ‘arduous’ time in light of national economic struggles, famine and the spread of COVID–19. Trade with China is thought to have reduced by 95% leading to food shortages in both the rural areas and the capital city, Pyongyang. However, it seems that the nation’s priorities remain unchanged, with reports indicating a continued push to assemble a large nuclear arsenal over the next 5–6 years.

  • Pray for this nation, for wise leadership to arise and for the health of the people to be prioritised.
  • Praise God that He is lovingly in control of the world and all who live in it.
  • Pray that the leadership of North Korea would come to a position of humility, leading to peace with the rest of the international community.




Dowry Deaths

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7th April 2021

For centuries in South Asia, families of brides have been paying dowries, whereby a gift of money, items or property is given to the family of the groom. In Pakistan, most marriages involve a dowry. It may be surprising to hear that 2,000 women die in Pakistan each year because of them, the highest rate of dowry deaths in the world. These women are murdered by in–laws deeming their payment to be insufficient. The demands requested can be crippling to already financially struggling families.


  • Pray for God’s hand of protection over the brides at risk of this abuse in Pakistan.
  • Ask that Pakistani women and families would be touched by the good news of God’s radical love, and trust in Him rather than tradition.
  • Praise God that Jesus has redeemed His bride, and that the Father freely welcomes all who come to be united with His Son.

Source: Gandhara


Livestream sexual abuse

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7th April 2021

In the Philippines, the population spends more time on the internet than any other country and one in five people live on less than $1.90 a day. For most of the past year, the nation has been in lockdown, affecting employment and education opportunities. This mix of vulnerability and virtual living has resulted in a surge in online child prostitution, coming off the back of the Philippines being called the “global epicentre of the live–stream sexual abuse trade” in 2018.

It is estimated that abuse increased by 264% during the pandemic. Schools are shut, but parents with money have hired tutors. Dozens of qualified teachers were even placed in a bubble with wealthy families. How stark the difference, as parents in poverty are pimping their children to put food on the table.

  • Pray for protection for vulnerable children in the Philippines.
  • Pray that churches and NGOs would step in to provide opportunity and aid to families in need, providing safer ways to make an income.
  • Ask that the government would be wise in its decisions around COVID–19 restrictions.


Source: VOA,


Sri Lanka

Christians in Cricket

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7th April 2021

‘One Team One Nation’ is the Sri Lankan cricket motto. Cricket is more than just a sport there. Being part of a sports team provides many opportunities to witness about your faith. This is amplified if you have a huge public following. Sri Lankan wicketkeeper Niroshan Dickwella is one such witness. In a recent interview he said “in this country a Christian wouldn’t really like to open up and say that Jesus is my God, because it is a Buddhist country. There’s nothing bad about that, but I’m not ashamed, I will talk about God to anyone.”

With rumours circulating that a ‘Born Again’ religious cult is influencing team selections, it is vital that we pray for believers in the institution to be good ambassadors for Christ, both to their teammates and to the nation as it watches on.


  • Pray for Niroshan Dickwella and other Christians on the team – that they would continue speaking publicly about Jesus and live with integrity.
  • Pray that other Christians in the Sri Lankan public eye would be inspired to speak out boldly about their faith.
  • Ask the Lord to quash baseless accusations made against believers in Sri Lanka and across Asia. 


Sources: Planet Sport, economynext, Ceylon Today


Billions pledged to struggling nation

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7th April 2021

A host of nations including the U.S. and the European Union have pledged grants totalling €5.5 billion to assist with Syria’s deepening humanitarian crisis. A further €6 billion was announced in the form of loans from financial institutions and donors. The conflict in Syria has entered its eleventh year with the nation also suffering at the hands of COVID–19. Meanwhile, a fuel shortage has caused the closure of schools and universities after its oil supplies became stuck behind the blockage of the Suez Canal.

  • Pray that the Lord would have mercy on all those suffering in Syria.
  • Ask that the conflict would come to an end soon, and that the nation might know peace and freedom.
  • Pray that people would be seeking answers to big questions during this difficult time, and that they might find them in the good news of Jesus Christ.


Sources: EuroNews, Al Fanar



Caught in the crossfire

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7th April 2021

A Muslim cleric was killed after being caught in the crossfire between Thai police and insurgents in the southern province of Pattani. His body was found in a car riddled with dozens of bullets. The conflict between Thai authorities and Malay insurgents continues, with a pipe bomb also exploding in neighbouring Narathiwat Province. Mercifully, none were injured.

  • Lift up the family and friends of the deceased cleric, and pray that God would reveal Himself as He comforts those who grieve.
  • Pray that those on both sides of the conflict would develop a willingness to work towards peace.
  • Ask that the small handful of believers in the region would be a signpost towards the hope and peace found in Christ.

Source: Bangkok Post


The dangers of controlling information

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7th April 2021

Powerful and destructive winds, described by one source as a hurricane, ripped roofs from buildings and interrupted power and communications networks in eastern parts of the nation. The authorities have been accused of taking no action to inform the public of the danger, and of censoring information about this and other events. VPN apps which help users to access censored content have been malfunctioning regularly in recent times, with the government promoting internet access on the one hand whilst increasing controls on the other.

  • Pray for all those affected by the strong winds to find assistance and recover quickly.
  • Pray that important information would be communicated to the public in a timely and effective manner in future.
  • As the people of Turkmenistan long for free media and democracy, pray that they would one day have access to each along with the good news of the gospel.

Sources: Eurasianet



Magazines treated as terror threat

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15th April 2021

In Uzbekistan, almost all Christians belong to ethnic minority groups and are treated harshly by the authoritarian regime. Unregistered religious activity is banned, evangelism is illegal and Christian congregations are persecuted. The church is monitored through phone taps, surveillance and recruited informers and it is reported that torture is widely used to force even children to renounce their faith. Recently, a local Christian woman named Tatyana offered Christian magazines to her neighbours. She was reported and summoned for questioning before the magazines were confiscated. Tatyana was fined because they had not been evaluated by the “Struggle with Extremism and Terrorism Department.”


  • Praise God that there are believers like Tatyana sharing the good news with their neighbours despite the risk.
  • Pray that as Tatyana appeals the decision of the court, she would reason wisely and lovingly with the authorities, which would lead them to change their stance on the danger of Christian literature.
  • Ask that God would soften the hearts of those persecuting His people in Uzbekistan, so that they would see God through their faith and be drawn to Him.


Source: Voice of the Martyrs



THE Highland Hmong

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15th April 2021

No missionaries were present when Christianity began to spread in the Vietnamese Highlands in the late 1980s. It was a radio program from Manila in the native Hmong language which caused villagers to hear and share the good news of Jesus. Today, an incredible 51% of the region’s 1 million Hmong people are believers. These brothers and sisters often face exclusion and discrimination by both the authorities and those following indigenous religions. For example, throughout COVID, these believers have been excluded from lists to receive aid. 

  • Pray for the continued spread of Christianity among the Hmong people, and ask that they would also influence other people groups in the area.
  • Ask that God would provide for their practical needs when the government will not.
  • Pray that God would strengthen them in persecution through the provision of jobs, the blessing of their marriages and the encouragement of gospel fellowship. 


Sources: The Diplomat, Open Doors


Humanitarian Crisis Continues

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15th April 2021

There is much to pray about when it comes to Yemen. Cholera, COVID and civil war, on top of an already impoverished population has led to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. They are battling the “worst famine the world has seen in decades” which is projected to cause nearly 2.3 million children under 5 to suffer from malnutrition this year.

Over 80% of the population requires humanitarian aid to survive, with March 26th marking six years of war which has killed over 200,000 and utilised child soldiers. The biggest crisis in Yemen however remains that only 0.2% of its population knows Christ.


  • Pray that God would grant peace to this land.
  • Lift up humanitarian workers risking their lives to help those in Yemen and ask that God would protect them.
  • As many groups use the internet to share the gospel with those in Yemen, praise God for this technology and pray that He would bless this work so that many would come to know Him through it.


Sources: Human Rights Watch, WHO


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