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1st June 2022

Last August, the acting prime minister claimed that women would be allowed to continue working under sharia law. However, only women whose jobs cannot be done by men were allowed to work. Current restrictions on women’s employment have been estimated to result in an immediate economic loss of up to $1 billion, and the Taliban’s first annual budget foresees a further loss of over $500 million. No explanation has been given as to how the gap will be met.


  • Pray for protection for women in Afghanistan as they face discrimination, marginalisation and abuse.
  • Pray that the Taliban would change course and begin to treat women with honour, respect and dignity.
  • Pray for the people of Afghanistan whose lives will be materially affected by the Taliban’s economic and social policies.
  • Pray that the name of Jesus might be known and exalted widely in Afghanistan soon.


Sources: The Guardian, Reuters





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15th August 2022


Having recently received a commitment of support from AsiaLink, one worker in the south of the country has been busy seeking to establish discipleship groups for young people. A motorbike provided through our ‘On Your Bike’ appeal is helping him travel around the region, with at least five locations targeted for new groups.


  • Give thanks for our new partner worker and pray that the Lord would bless his work among young people.
  • Pray that the many discipleship groups he oversees would be full of the Spirit and full of truth, leading many to trust in Christ and grow in their walk with Him.
  • Ask the Lord to provide for many more workers, that other regions of the country might see the same level of outreach and discipleship activity.



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1st June 2022

The Covid imposed restrictions have finally been lifted by the government and unrestricted travel within the country is once again possible. 

Pastor T is preparing to open a café to for purposes of outreach and evangelism which should be open soon. He has started buying the equipment needed to run the café. He also hosted an event at Bhutanese New Year to which he invited various Buddhists friends that he has cultivated, seeking to develop relationships and share Christ. The work is slow but progressing well and he is very thankful for all the prayers and support we provide.


  • Praise God for the removal of restrictions in Bhutan, allowing our partners there to move freely around the nation once again.
  • Pray for Pastor T and his family as they prepare the café. Pray that it would be a mighty asset to the work of evangelism in this region.
  • Pray for the Buddhists that Pastor T has built relationships with. Pray for the Lord to open their eyes to the truth of the gospel and be saved.





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1st June 2022

The Brunei Malay make up 66% of the nation’s population, and over 25,000 live in Kampung Ayer, the city’s famous water village. From here, they take water taxis across to the city for work. However, many of their daily needs are met through stores, schools and clinics in the village itself.


  • Pray for the Brunei Malay to recognise that the Lord is the true provider of our daily bread.
  • Ask that those who live in the water village and beyond would come to know Jesus, who could command the waters with a word.
  • Pray for the emergence of communities of faith across the tiny nation of Brunei.





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11th July 2022

At a recent ceremony, Cambodian and Chinese officials proclaimed their friendship as they announced a new construction project, becoming, in the words of a Chinese ambassador, “ironclad brothers”. Work has begun, with Chinese investment, on expanding Cambodia’s largest naval base. Onlookers fear the project will grant Chinese forces enhanced access to the contested South China Sea.


  • Pray that world leaders would have wisdom as they deal with both Cambodia and China.
  • Pray that peace would be sustained in this part of the world despite what could be termed as Chinese expansionism.



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11th July 2022

Chinese citizens can be rewarded for providing tipoffs about suspected foreign spies and breaches of national security, under measures introduced recently by the country’s ministry of state. Beijing has in recent years been encouraging a whole–of–society approach to protecting national security. Citizens could get “spiritual rewards”, in the form of certificates of appreciation, or “material rewards” of cash up to more than 100,000 yuan (around £12,000), depending on the value of the tipoff.


  • Pray that the people of China would discover true spiritual reward through faith in Christ.
  • Pray that these new incentives would not be used to attack the church in China.
  • Pray for the Lord to change the hearts of China’s leadership to turn towards God.





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1st June 2022

Reflecting on the pandemic, our partner in the south of India shares that whilst Covid brought much suffering, it also provided many openings for the gospel. Many poor communities were provided for and an unprecedented sense of peace and partnership with the local police was developed. Meanwhile, gospel work in the villages continues.


  • Give thanks for the opportunity to bless the poor, to speak of Jesus and to show His love.
  • Praise God for bringing harmony between our partners and the local authorities.
  • Lift up the concerted gospel outreach initiatives taking place in the villages at this time, and ask God to bring many to Himself!





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4th July 2022

Six bar workers were charged with blasphemy, after launching a promotion offering free bottles of gin to anybody named Mohammed or Maria. The bizarre promotion was created and promoted online, in an attempt to meet sales targets, but has landed the staff in trouble with the authorities, despite the seemingly obtuse nature of the accusations. More than 150 people have been imprisoned since the law was introduced in 1965 and some say the laws are becoming “increasingly dangerous”.


  • Pray that the authorities would exercise discernment and act justly when specific accusations of blasphemy are made.
  • Pray that the Lord would work to move many Indonesian hearts away from Mohammed and towards Jesus Christ. 
  • Lift up believers in the country, and ask that they would be a bold and powerful witness to their neighbours from other faiths.


Source: CNN



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11th July 2022

An earthquake in southern Iran has killed five with more in hospital. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake flattened a village when it struck in July. Major geological fault lines crisscross Iran, which has suffered several devastating earthquakes in recent years.


  • Pray for aid and relief to get to those in need in a timely manner.
  • Pray that those grieving would find comfort and that the wounded would heal.




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4th July 2022

We give thanks for all that God has done through our partners in Iraqi Kurdistan in recent times. On average, new house churches are being planted at least once per month, with dozens of baptisms also taking place over the course of the past year. Further to this, 56 believers were equipped for ministry last year, whilst 123 existing leaders received training in church planting!


  •  Praise God for his powerful work in this region, and for the harvest being reaped!
  •  Lift up all those workers who have been trained and ask that they might bear fruit as  they serve and abide in Christ.
  •  Pray for many more churches to be planted and many more hearts to be won.





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15th August 2022

The nation continues to be closed to tourists in light of the pandemic unless they join a tour group, whilst those travelling in and out of the country for work and other purposes must undergo strict procedures. Sadly, a lack of travel opportunities has hindered outreach through English language classes, with a dampened desire leading to lower attendance by locals.


  • Pray that opportunities to travel to Japan would open up again soon.
  • Ask that Japanese tourists and students would begin travelling abroad once more, and that this would cause greater interest in English language classes and the Christian faith as they prepare to go.
  • Lift up believers in Japan who have faced anger and ostracisation from their families as a result of turning to Christ; pray that their witness would be a powerful testimony of the all–surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus.




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15th August 2022

The nation has become embroiled in a political conflict with neighbouring Russia, leading to the shutting down of a key terminal for exporting oil. A Russian court closed the terminal after Kazakhstan declared its intent to increase exports to the EU. Kazakh President Kassym–Jomart Tokayev has labelled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as unjustified. He has also increased defence spending and sought closer ties to China and NATO since the invasion.


  • Pray that a level of peace would remain, enabling Kazakhstan to continue importing and exporting as required for the national economy to function.
  • Ask that the President and his government would lead the nation in wisdom, particularly regarding international relations.
  • Ask that an increased openness to alliances with the West would cause greater interaction with the Christian faith, since less than one in every thousand Kazakhs know the Lord.


Sources: EuractivMoscow TimesNews.



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15th August 2022

Open Doors has reported that incidents of persecution against Christians have been rising since the turn of the year, including death threats, violent attacks and mental abuse. In rural areas especially, the local authorities have considerable power and tend to be under the influence of the local Muslim community.


  • Pray for those who put their faith in Christ to be strengthened amid rejection and persecution.
  • Ask the Lord to continue building His church in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Pray that the Kyrgyz people might become inquisitive about Christ, both in the cities and the villages, leading to a gospel movement among the population. 


Source: Open Doors



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25th July 2022

Fuel shortages caused major disruption earlier this year, with large queues forming at many pumps. Laos has no oil reserves and so has been particularly vulnerable to the rising cost of fuel. In one southern area, pumps are only open for one hour per day. This has had a particular effect on agriculture in Laos, the main source of income for millions in the country.


  • Pray for more fuel to be made available for the people of Laos at affordable prices.
  • Pray against food shortages even as agriculture is disrupted.
  • Pray that gospel workers, in particular, would not be hindered by the shortages.




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25th July 2022

A domestic shortage of live chickens sent costs soaring in Malaysia. As a result, the Malaysian government banned the export of live chicken to shore up supplies. This has had a devastating effect on neighbouring Singapore, a wealthy but land–poor island nation. The de facto national dish of Singapore is chicken rice, and the nation relies heavily on imports from Malaysia to ensure enough food for the population.


  • Pray that in the face of global food shortages that the people of Malaysia and Singapore would have enough to feed their populations.
  • Pray for the poorest in these nations as they struggle in the midst of the global cost of living crisis.




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8th March 2022

A yoga event organised by the Indian High Commission was disrupted as an angry mob barged into the national stadium to halt it. Ambassadors, diplomats and members of the public were taking part in the event when the mob forced entry, destroyed property and attempted to assault participants.


  •  Pray that Hindus and Muslims across Asia would hear of Christ and turn their worship to Him alone.
  • Ask for peace between religious groups in the Maldives, India and elsewhere as tensions escalate.
  • Pray that the name of Christ would one day be proclaimed only and worshipped gladly across the Maldivian islands.


Source: India Today




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1st June 2022

Our partners in Mongolia have distributed hundreds of winter kits to children in 2022. Warm clothing for children is an essential in Mongolia, with winter temperatures regularly in the minus twenties! Each winter kit consists of a new coat, gloves and boots for a child. When temperatures are particularly cold, a lack of adequate clothing can prevent children from getting to school. Each gift creates a connection with a family and so opportunities for gospel outreach are created. 

Enkhmunkh was one boy who received a kit:

“This is my first time visiting a church. I came here with my mom. I was surprised when I enter the church, because they welcomed me very warmly. I liked the song they sang. The church people shared about Jesus. This is my first time to hear about him. They told me that God created the heavens and earth and everything in it. I have learned that Jesus loves me. I really want to go to this church. The church people taught me how to pray. I will pray to Jesus when I am sick or when I am lonely. I really like my new coat and boots!”


  • Pray that the Lord would use the winter kit ministry to reveal Himself to more children like Enkhmunkh.
  • Pray for the team as they continue to reach out to families.
  • Pray for parents and guardians of children receiving kits to be impacted by the gospel as well.





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8th June 2022

In some rural areas, phone lines are not working, and the internet is unreliable. Even in Yangon, the old capital, connection speeds can be very slow. Sometimes this is due to damage caused by the conflict but at other times it is suspected that communication is being cut off for strategic purposes to aid the ruling Junta. 

For our partners who work as church planters, this makes the work difficult. In some places, it can take a 60+ mile journey to reach the nearest working phone or to pick up a signal. If the churches in these areas have an urgent need, it means a long delay until help can even be contacted, let alone received. During this period of difficulty pastors and missionaries have continued in faithfulness to their calling. They continue to visit their flock to counsel, teach and offer support. It has not been possible in recent times to organise larger–scale outreach events, but evangelism continues in a more personal basis.


  • Praise God for faithful servants in Myanmar continuing to minister amid all the difficulties.
  • Pray for challenges with communication to be resolved, for phone lines and internet access to become reliable once again.
  • Pray for the conflict in Myanmar to be resolved peacefully and justly. Pray for all those suffering because of the conflict, whether displaced from their homes or grieving the loss of a loved one.





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8th June 2022

 Numbers of tourists remain less than one half of pre–pandemic levels. Nepal is heavily reliant on tourists in search of adventure in the Himalayas. Even with restrictions removed, there remains a hesitancy for tourists to return in large numbers. Consequently, the Nepalese government are heavily promoting the various activities on offer including paragliding and bungee jumping on top of the traditional climbing and trekking. Streets in Kathmandu that usually teem with visitors remain near empty. With cost of living increasing the world over, the pressure is on to resurrect Nepal’s tourism industry.


  • Pray for those struggling in Nepal as a result of diminished income due to the drought of tourists.
  • Pray for help and aid to made available to those who are in desperate need for it. 
  • Pray for the continued financial provision for Christians in particular, including AsiaLink partners. 





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1st June 2022

For almost two–and–a–half years, North Korea has stuck to its claim it has seen no cases of Covid–19. Not any more! In the middle of May, North Korean officials finally confirmed its “first” infections. Few believe that the nation has actually evaded the virus until now. Not only has the virus’ presence been acknowledged, but major efforts have been taken to suppress it with a full national lockdown currently in place. With the entire population unvaccinated, and only a weak healthcare system in place, there are great fears for the people of North Korea. State media has recommended alternative remedies such as herbal tea and gargling salt water in the absence of anti–viral medication.


  • Pray that the spread of Covid–19 in North Korea would be contained.
  • Pray for those in need of medical intervention, that the North Korean government would welcome aid in this area.
  • Pray for the Lord to work in North Korea at this time and use this situation to loosen the grip of evil on this land.


Sources: BBC News , BBC News Asia




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8th June 2022

Temperatures in some regions have reached over 50°C, a record heat for springtime on the sub–continent. The heatwave has exacerbated energy shortages across both nations, driving up already high prices for power. In the Pakistani city of Turbat, around 200,000 residents have particularly little power, suffering in the heat without refrigerators or air–conditioning. The heat will also have a dramatic effect on crop yield, dropping in some regions by up to 50%. Food shortages are expected in future weeks and months.


  • Pray for people without power and suffering in the extreme heat to endure and to receive some relief.
  • Pray for the crop yield to be better than expected to diminish the scale of expected food shortages.
  • Pray for church planters and evangelists who continue to travel to share the gospel even in this heat. Pray for their endurance and for the Lord to use their labour for the building of His Kingdom.






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6th July 2022

Despite attacks on human rights, rule of law and the media, Rodrigo Duterte has remained popular in some areas. However, his appeal against a landslide election defeat has been thrown out by the Supreme Court, paving the way for Ferdinand Marcos to take the reins. Marcos is the son of the notorious dictator overthrown in the revolution of 1986, and his opponents highlight his systemic use of social media to ‘alter historical narratives of plunder, opulence and…brutality’ as a cause for grave concern.


  • Pray for political stability in the Philippines as a new regime begins.
  • Pray that democracy would continue to be upheld by the courts without illegal interference.
  • Ask that leaders in the country would act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God, submitting to Christ Jesus as Lord.


Source: Al–Jazeera




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6th July 2022

The fuel situation has taken a drastic turn for the worst, causing major issues for transport. The last diesel ship arrived on 16th June and the way forward is unclear. In response to massive queues at petrol stations, the government has now mandated that fuel is for use only by essential services. As a result, many activities conducted by our partners will be put on hold as travel becomes impractical.


  • Pray for Sri Lanka to emerge from this economic crisis without significant harm to the poor.
  • Ask that leaders would act wisely and responsibly to bring stability and credibility to the nation’s economy and essential services.
  • Pray that the Lord’s work would not be unduly hindered, and that the local church would continue to be a blessing in the name of Jesus.







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6th July 2022

The UN’s latest estimate is that over 300,000 civilians have been killed in Syria since war broke out in 2011. This represents 1.5% of the pre–war population, or 1 in 67 people. This figure equates to an average of 83 deaths per day, of whom 18 were children, and does not account for those who died due to the lack of healthcare, food and water which have been a result of the ongoing conflict.


  • Plead with the Lord to have mercy on the nation and bring an end to the conflict.
  • Ask that the nation would be restored, that the poor and vulnerable might be protected and the rise in deaths might cease.
  • Pray that the good news of Jesus Christ would bring comfort to the broken. In particular, lift up digital outreach projects which are enabling Syrians to discover and read the Bible online.



 Source: Reuters




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25th July 2022

A Tajik soldier has been killed in a Tajikistan–Kyrgyzstan border dispute. The two nations in Central Asia share a contested border. Skirmishes like these have become more common in recent months as talks to resolve the situation make little progress. Kyrgyzstan reports that the incident began when Tajik forces opened fire on a Kyrgyz border post.


  • Pray for peace along the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Pray that talks would be successful in bringing resolution to the border issue.
  • Pray for Christians in these lands to be a light to all around them.


Source: Al Jazeera



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6th July 2022

Please pray for the bar girls of Bangkok, many of whom have been duped into this work or exploited in positions of vulnerability. Partners in Bangkok have been undertaking outreach to bars and brothels offering a way out of the sex industry. The team met a Buddhist owner of a brothel who believed the good karma of providing women work would outweigh the bad karma of engaging with prostitution. The team will continue to build a relationship with this owner and the girls working at this brothel, taking every opportunity to share Christ and leave the sex industry behind.


  • Pray for wisdom for the team in Bangkok as they continue to reach this brothel for Christ.
  • Pray that the light of the gospel would shine bright in the lives of the girls of this brothel, leading them to salvation and out of their dark circumstances.
  • Praise God for the team in Bangkok and their commitment to reaching victims of human trafficking.





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6th July 2022

Recently installed president of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdymukhamedov, made his first major foray onto the international stage last month to visit President Putin in Moscow. The two nations share more than close trading links, but also a paranoia towards the emerging global alliance of democratic states. Both men set their sights on Afghanistan, seeking to influence events there.


  • Pray that Turkmenistan would become a freer society for the sake of the gospel and for the incumbent dictatorship to fall.
  • Pray that world leaders would have wisdom as they respond to men like Berdymukhamedov and Putin.





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6th July 2022

Authorities in Uzbekistan have said that 18 people were killed during in the recent unrest in the semi–autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan. 516 people were detained following clashes between police and demonstrators sparked by plans to strip Karakalpakstan of its autonomy. One journalist was detained for speaking to family members of those detained. Hundreds have not been heard from since they were arrested.

  • Pray for peace in Uzbekistan and for this situation to be resolved without further violence.
  • Pray that families would be able to reconnect with loved ones who have been detained.
  • Pray that Christians in Uzbekistan would stand firm amid persecutory laws that prohibit “talking about faith.”




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15th August 2022

 In June, the authorities published two proposals seeking to further restrict religious freedoms. New rules could tighten controls on religious groups, including online meetings, with punishments ranging from $1300 for individuals to $2600 for organisations. Provisions have also been proposed for closing down a religious organisation altogether. One source suggested that “even ranking staff members of the government were taken by surprise and encouraged religious leaders to strongly object.”


  • Pray that decision makers would consider these proposals carefully and ultimately reject the extreme measures put forward.
  • Lift up believers in the nation whose activities could come under threat, asking God to give wisdom and protection in every circumstance.
  • Ask that the protection of the communist regime would not be the ultimate priority for the government, and that the people would be free to believe and practice religious faith.
  • Pray that churches in the nation would remain bold in their witness to Christ, causing many to marvel at their love for the Saviour and discover salvation in Him.


Sources: CSW, Morning Star



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15th August 2022

An unprecedented spike in food prices is increasing the risk of catastrophic hunger for many. 90% of food is imported, and the conflict in Ukraine has caused significant disruption to supply chains. Meanwhile, the first commercial flight for over six years departed the nation, transporting 78 passengers from Sana’a to Cairo. A week later, 150 Ethiopians were flown home on a humanitarian flight, many having sought a way out of Yemen for over two years.


  • Lift up all those going hungry and pray that the Lord would rescue them in this time of need.
  • Pray that international efforts would enable a more reliable supply of food to the people of Yemen.
  • Pray that lost hearts would find peace and provision in Christ, whether through a believer on the ground or Scripture on their smartphone.
  • Pray boldly for peace in the nation, that ruined lives might be restored and the hope of the gospel might shine through after years of darkness and despair. 


Sources: Reliefweb, Middle East,  UN News

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