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16th February 2022

A recent survey estimates that around 1 million children are now engaged in underage labour after the Taliban takeover caused widespread unemployment and loss of household incomes. Many children are also malnourished, with parents unable to afford food and relying on borrowing from both those who are better off and humanitarian aid.


  • Please pray for the protection of children who have been forced to work.
  • Pray for provision for immediate needs as well as long term solutions for families unable to afford food.
  • Continue to pray for believers in the country to stand firm in Christ.
  • Pray that despite the many hardships, Afghans would come to faith in the Lord Jesus.


Source: The Independent



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28th April 2022

We have recently had the privilege of partnering with a network of growing youth groups in Bangladesh. In a country with a small minority of Christians, these groups offer young people the opportunity to learn from the Bible and enjoy fellowship with one another. Thanks to your support we have been able to supply the organisation with some technology for use at meetings and two motorbikes for leaders travelling between groups. 


  • Give thanks for our partners in Bangladesh and ask that God would give wisdom as they plan and oversee the organisation.
  • Pray that God would also give wisdom and strength to leaders as they minister in the groups week by week.
  • Pray that these groups would grow in number and that young Bangladeshis would come to faith through the ministry.
  • Pray that Christians would grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord and would seek to live for the glory of Christ.




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16th February 2022

After extensive preparation, the Trans Bhutan Trail is set to reopen after 60 years, with the 250–mile route crossing nine districts and 400 sites of interest. One senior figure highlighted the way the Trail reflects the country’s focus on Gross National Happiness – a measure in which the nation scores highly on paper. However, a visit to the nation reveals the insecurity and fear felt by many over their fate after death, particularly as they reach the latter stages of life.


  • Pray that the trail would entice many believers to Bhutan and create gospel opportunities as the locals encounter new cultures and faiths.
  • Pray that the Lord would reveal the futility of Bhutan’s search for true happiness apart from Christ.
  • Pray that the country’s gradually increasing openness would lead to further reductions in persecution and restrictions on God’s people.


Source: CNN travel




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16th February 2022

Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world to implement Sharia Law which was fully established in 2019. This has increased insecurity and fear among Christians, who make up around 9% of the population. Churches are permitted to worship but evangelism and conversion from Islam are illegal.


  • Please pray that Christians in Brunei would continue to meet together and hold on to the faith.
  • Pray that the gospel would be made known despite deterrents, and for Christians to be protected as they share their hope in Christ.
  • Pray that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah would be sympathetic to churches and would himself come to faith in Jesus.


Source: BBC, Open Doors



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28th April 2022

Cambodia has cut quarantine for unvaccinated visitors to 7 days following a period of consistent low numbers of infections. The country had received a record 6.6 million foreign tourists in 2019 which fell to 1.31 million in 2020 and dropped further in 2021 resulting in a drastic shortfall in revenue for those working in the tourism industry.


  • Give thanks that COVID cases have continued to stabilise and for gradual easing of restrictions for tourists.
  • Pray that COVID infections would remain low so that restrictions could continue to ease.
  • Pray that the economy would recover from the losses of the previous years.
  • Pray that churches and mission organisations would also benefit as things return to normal.
  • With Cambodia known to attract many sex tourists and paedophiles, pray that visitors to the country would bless Cambodians rather than exploit them.


Source: CNA



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28th April 2022

Restrictions in Shanghai have now been in place for over three weeks in response to the country’s biggest COVID–19 outbreak to date. Many residents are in lockdown as China continues to enforce its zero–COVID policy and anger is growing due to the repressive measures which have left some without food and medicine. 


  • Please pray that Shanghai residents would have access to basic necessities.
  • Pray for lockdown measures to be eased.
  • Ask that other cities and regions experiencing outbreaks would not be subject to similar responses.
  • Pray that leaders and officials would govern with wisdom and compassion. 


Sources: Sky News, The Wall Street Journal



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16th February 2022

Our partners in India have been reporting an increase in religious persecution and interference in their ministry. Christians make up 5% of the country’s population but are not considered to be true Indians due to what are perceived to be outside allegiances. Christians, and in particular Christian leaders, are subject to harassment, violence, discrimination and false accusations, with Christian women also suffering sexual abuse and exploitation.


  • Please pray for the protection of Indian Christians.
  • Ask that God would give wisdom and boldness to leaders in particular as they minister.
  • Please pray that Christians and churches would be highly regarded, and even defended by their communities against extremism.
  • Pray that the local and national governments would seek to defend religious diversity and protect minorities.
  • Pray that the church in India would grow despite the increased pressure.


Source: Open Doors




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8th March 2022

Indonesians are seeking better work opportunities in Malaysia, leaving many vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation, and dangerous crossings. On 15th December last year a boat carrying 50 people capsized, from which only 14 were known to survive.

Workers who do arrive safely in the country report having passports confiscated by employers and wages withheld while enduring unbearable working and living conditions. One woman was forced to work 4am–11pm each day while being given barely enough to eat. Another lady, Adelina Sau, died while being employed as a domestic worker, during which she was beaten and made to sleep outside with the family’s dog.


  • Please pray for growing awareness among Indonesians of the risks involved in economic migration.
  • Pray for an end to dangerous, illegal crossings to Malaysia.
  • Pray for both Indonesian and Malaysian governments to do more to stop human trafficking and exploitation of workers and migrants.
  • Pray for justice for Adelina Sau, after the acquittal of her employer has been appealed.
  • Pray that Christians would be placed and equipped to provide help for Indonesian workers in Malaysia. 


Source: Al Jazeera



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29th April 2022

Iran saw a 25% rise in executions in 2021 after Ebrahim Raisi, a hard–line cleric, was elected as president. According to some sources, 333 people were put to death during the year including a number of women and those involved in drug–related crimes and protests. In some cases, charges against the convicts were vague or relied heavily on forced confessions resulting from torture or other forms of duress.


  • Please pray for integrity, order, and fair and measured outcomes within the Iranian justice system.
  • Ask God that officials would be compassionate, and that prisoners would be treated with due dignity.
  • Remember Christians in prison in Iran and ask God to give them courage and faith.
  • Pray that the gospel and the hope it offers would spread through Iranian prisons, and that many would trust in Jesus and repent from sin.



Source: BBC



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8th March 2022

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in Iraqi Muslims celebrating Christmas. 25th December was first officially recognised in 2018. However, last year it was permanently designated as a national public holiday and its popularity is growing. Around six years ago, any form of Christmas decorations would have been an unusual sight, but today they are commonly displayed in homes and public buildings. Last year, there were even unprecedented sales of trees and Santa figures, despite the fact that Christians continue to face steady levels of opposition and persecution. 


  • Praise God for gift of His Son and the inherent joy and hope that are associated with Christmas.
  • Give thanks for the recognition of 25th December and this small step towards a more tolerant and open Iraq.
  • Pray that as Christmas is celebrated, many would be moved to think beyond the trees and lights and consider the true meaning and implications of Jesus’ birth. 
  • Pray that Christians might enjoy more freedom to worship and live out their faith without fear.
  • Pray also that Christians would have opportunities to use Christmas celebrations to tell others about the Lord, Who sent His Son to die for sins and bring peace and reconciliation with the Father.


Source: DW




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28th April 2022

Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Fumo recently signalled his willingness to strengthen ties with South Korea. Relations between the two countries has been strained as a result of disputes concerning abuses during World War II. However Kishida believes unity between the two U.S. allies is crucial in light of the threat to international order caused by the war in Ukraine.


  • Please pray that Japan and South Korea would overcome past disagreements and wrongs.
  • Pray for the leaders on both sides to rule their countries wisely amid international instability.
  • Pray for peace in this region where the activities of China and North Korea, as well as Russia, are often cause for concern.
  • Continue to pray for a work of the Holy Spirit in the country of Japan as Christians make up only a small minority.


Sources: The Independent



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28th April 2022

The CPC pipeline used for the majority of Kazakhstan’s oil exports is once again operating at full capacity. Russia had announced the alleged damage at Novorossiysk on 22nd March which was said to be caused by a storm, however there is some speculation that the pipeline was shut in a bid to drive up worldwide oil prices following Western sanctions.


  • Thank God that the CPC pipeline is operating once again and pray that this would continue to be the case.
  • Pray that the Kazakhstan economy would improve following the pandemic and unrest within the country in January.
  • Pray for good relations between Kazakhstan and other countries.
  • Pray that the people would be free from exploitation and that leaders would rule with integrity.
  • Pray for an open door for the gospel.


 Source: Eurasianet, The Wall Street Journal



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28th April 2022

Kyrgyzstan has approved plans for a new eco–city set to host 500,000 residents and rely on mostly alternative energy resources and use environmentally friendly transport. It is also hoped that the city, called Asman, will act as an economic and tourist centre with advanced educational, medical and leisure facilities. Many experts however are concerned that they city will harm the environment and disrupt the ecosystem of the proposed site on the shores of Lake Issyk–Kul.


  • Please pray that officials and planners involved in this project would act wisely and be discerning of the impact of such a city.
  • Pray for the provision of new jobs and better facilities in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Thank God that the country is seeking to increase tourism and ask that this would lead to a greater openness to the gospel.


Source: RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty



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29th April 2022

A recent report states that Laos has lost over $760 million to corruption since 2016. Despite the government vowing to address corrupt practices and hundreds of disciplinaries and expulsions from the communist governing party, laws have routinely failed to criminalise abuses of power, fraud and the acceptance of bribes.


  • Please pray that corruption would soon no longer be accepted in Laos.
  • Ask that God would call people of integrity to address corrupt practices.
  • Above all, pray that those in power would repent of corruption and greed and turn to Jesus, who alone can transform hearts.


Source: Radio Free Asia





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28th April 2022

6 Rohingya refugees including 2 children have died trying to cross a highway after escaping from a temporary immigration detention centre in Malaysia. The deaths took place after 528 people escaped following a riot. Most of the group have now been re–arrested however up to 100 remain free.


  • Pray that Malaysia which does not recognise the UN Refugee Convention, would treat asylum seekers with compassion and dignity.
  • Pray for the Rohingya, who have already experienced much trauma in Myanmar and often an extremely difficult journey to Malaysia.
  • Pray for improved conditions in detention centres and for alternatives would be put in place for mothers, children and the elderly.
  • Pray that God would send His people to share the hope of the gospel in this difficult situation. 


Source: Al Jazeera



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8th March 2022

Last year, some repressive restrictions on the media and free speech were revoked by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. As a result, the nation rose from ranking 120th to 72nd in the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index. However, some argue that not enough has been done to tackle threats from Islamic groups who target activists and civil society organisations. Christians on the islands continue to have little or no space to worship and follow Jesus, and are subject to threats, physical attacks and imprisonment if their faith is discovered.

  • Thank God for the easing of restrictions on the media from last year. 
  • Pray that the Maldivian government would seek to adopt a more open society where people and organisations can enjoy freedom of speech.
  • Pray also for a growing tolerance towards Christianity.
  • Pray for believers living on the islands (believed to be a very small number) to have courage and faith to share the gospel.
  • Pray that Christians would be able to move to the Maldives and witness among the islanders. 


Source: Human Rights Watch, Open Doors




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16th February 2022

Your support has enabled our partners to distribute 840 winter kits to children in Mongolia this past winter. Volunteers presented the kits and shared the gospel with the children and their parents. They were also able to offer prayer and begin building relationships with the families.

Temujin told our partners, “I am very happy that I am given this very nice winter coat and boots. I was not only given the clothing, but also heard the good news of Jesus. I have never heard of Him before… The church people told me that Jesus loves me so that He sent the warm clothes to me. I am very thankful for the people who sent me the clothes. Thank you!”

  • Give thanks for the financial support which was provided and the many volunteers in Mongolia who made the distribution possible.
  • Pray that the gospel would take root in the hearts of all who heard it.
  • Lift up our partners and the many church leaders involved as they review the distribution and make plans for a repeat of the project next winter.





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9th March 2022

The Kachin people in the north of Myanmar have long suffered oppression as a minority people group. Today, their plight continues to be one of struggle with many living in camps having been displaced by conflict. Our partners receive regular requests for aid, primarily consisting of blankets, oil, rice and dried food. They labour tirelessly amid constant danger in order to meet these needs.


  • Give thanks for the team who go to such great lengths to provide for displaced Kachin people.
  • Lift up the situation in Myanmar and pray that God would use the evil acts of men to bring about much good.
  • Pray that peace would come to Myanmar, and that the gospel would flourish there.





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9th March 2022

Since the pandemic hit, many women in Nepal have seen their livelihoods evaporate and have been forced to work the land in order to survive. The 220km Annapurna Circuit is still only receiving one tenth of its pre–pandemic visitors, putting much strain on a local economy which has come to rely on tourism in recent decades. With tourism generating 8% of the nation’s GDP before the virus, it is estimated that over 1 million jobs have been affected.


  • Praise God for the diversity and majesty of his creation, with many great sights on display in Nepal.
  • Lift up those in Nepal who have been hit financially by the pandemic, and pray that the local economy would soon recover for the sake of the poor.
  • Pray that many would be asking questions about their ultimate security, and that God might answer those questions through His people, His Spirit and His Word.


Source: i News




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22nd February 2022

The nation marked what would have been Kim Jong–Il’s 80th birthday with a large ceremony in Samjiyon, close to the Chinese border. This was something of a break from tradition with the event not being held in Pyongyang, and with no missile launch or military parade taking place. Kim Jong–Un appeared at the event, laying flowers but making no official statement. Meanwhile, the nation’s borders remain closed in response to the global pandemic, with many thought to be suffering from food shortages as a result.


  • Pray that the nation would be released from idolatry and come to worship the only One who is worthy of our adoration.
  • Lift up those who are hungry, and ask the Lord to provide for them.
  • Pray that borders would reopen soon, bringing relief as goods are imported and some degree of foreign aid is provided.


Source: Sky




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9th March 2022

AsiaLink’s partners in the desert region of Sindh met a man on the street who was collecting litter. They started a conversation and were invited back to his home. It became clear that a lack of clean water was a real issue for the man’s family, so the team arranged for a hand pump to be installed near their house. During their conversations, the team explained their faith and were able to share more on follow up visits. After a couple of months, the man and four of his family committed their lives to Christ and were baptised!


  • Praise God for His grace to this family.
  • Give thanks for our partners who are identifying opportunities to bless the poor and speak of Christ.
  • Pray that as more hand pumps are installed, many more people in Pakistan would discover the living water which Jesus offers!





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14th March 2022

The Philippines reports that a reconnaissance ship of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army crossed into their waters without permission for a number of days in late January. The ship refused orders to leave the country’s waters, insisting that it was exercising “innocent passage”. The Philippine government has now called the Chinese ambassador to protest.


  • Pray that China would respect the territorial boundaries of the Philippines.
  • Pray that this recent occurrence would not escalate, and for officials to act with wisdom. 
  • In light of recent events in Europe, please pray for good relations between countries across Asia and for the church to thrive unopposed.


Source: ABC News




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14th March 2022

There have been recent reports from Sri Lanka about a “dire economic situation” in the country which is leading to shortages of a range of basic necessities such as food, fuel and medicines. This has resulted from a pandemic–induced currency crisis. COVID–19 and dengue fever both remain prevalent in the country, threatening new lockdowns and flight cancellations.


  • Please pray for wisdom for the Sri Lankan government and those making national decisions regarding the economic situation. 
  • Ask God to bring about improvements in the foreign exchange rate and to abate the currency crisis. 
  • Pray that He would provide for the needs of people across the island. 
  • Pray that levels of COVID and dengue would subside.
  • Pray also for safe conditions and willingness of tourists to return to Sri Lanka so that the economy might receive a much–needed boost.
  • Pray for the witness of believers in these times, and ask God to give them strength and peace in the midst of these challenges.



Source: The Wire




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14th March 2022

Up to 16,000 volunteers have been recruited to fight in Ukraine with the offer of a generous salary of £3,000 a month – up to 50 times that of a Syrian soldier. This comes despite the fact that Assad’s army has barely regrouped after years of civil war with opposition forces and the Islamic State. Meanwhile, many Syrians are still living in the aftermath of Russia’s merciless bombardments in their own country, and are all too familiar with the plight of the Ukrainian people.

  • Please pray that soldiers would be prevented from joining the attack on Ukraine.
  • Pray for peace and stability in Syria and in Ukraine.
  • Pray for Syrians still suffering physical and psychological effects from the war.
  • Pray that world leaders would pursue peace in these situations and others around the globe.
  • Pray that in all things God would be glorified and that believers would know His help and witness for Him. 


Sources: The Guardian, ITV News




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28th April 2022

The state–run news agency in Tajikistan has reported on the building of temporary camps south of the capital Dushanbe. These are said to be for Afghan refugees with each of the 64 tents equipped with electricity, a kitchen and a bathroom.


  • Thank God for the provision of these camps.
  • Pray that they would be used by those most in need.
  • Pray for Afghans settling in Tajikistan either short or long term and ask that God would keep them safe.
  • Pray that Afghan Christians fleeing their country would know the peace and help of Jesus in all they do and would bring the good news of the gospel wherever they go.


Source: The Khaama Press



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15th March 2022

Our partners who work among women caught up in Bangkok’s sex trade have seen their ministry hard hit by the pandemic, with bars closed and funding from various sources being scaled back. As a result, they are taking a ‘back to basics’ approach as the work resumes, focusing on outreach among women in the bars and entrusting the work of rehabilitation and empowerment to other trusted groups for the time being.

  • Please pray for the bar girls of Bangkok, many of whom have been duped into this work or exploited in positions of vulnerability.
  • Ask the Lord to work powerfully in the red light districts, transforming lives as the gospel is shared by our partners and others.
  • Pray that the ministry leaders would receive wisdom from the Lord as they restart their ministry and plan for the future.




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15th March 2022

When President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov announced his resignation, the supposedly free and fair election which followed were considered a foregone conclusion. And, as expected, the 12th March election saw his son, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, elected with almost 73% of the vote. This is the culmination of several years of career management by the incoming President’s father. Websites for other candidates made no mention of their candidacy, whilst the outgoing President will conveniently retain a seat in the Parliament’s upper chamber following a recent restructure. 

  • Give thanks to the Lord for the relative political freedom available to those of us who live in the Western world.
  • Pray that Serdar Berdimuhamedov would govern fairly, upholding liberty and justice
  • Ask the Lord to prevent Turkmenistan experiencing the common trappings of dynastic leadership, including corruption and abuses of power at the expense of the people
  • Pray that great efforts would be made to reach the Turkmen, who are considered a frontier people group on account of there being no significant gospel movement among them.


Sources: The Diplomat, AP News, Joshua Project



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15th March 2022

Noisy neighbours can be a nuisance, but Uzbekistan’s quandary over events in Afghanistan has led to a position of seeming acceptance. Whilst President Mirziyoyev urged the formation of an inclusive Afghan government, he seems eager to avoid taking the side of either the Taliban or the West. Meanwhile, neighbouring Tajikistan has taken a strong anti–Taliban stance and it remains to be seen whether the eviction of Uzbeks (among others) from land in the north of Afghanistan will change Mirziyoyev’s stance.

  • Pray that the brutality of the Taliban regime would subside, leading to a more peaceful situation.
  • Pray that the Lord would be at work in Afghanistan, even among the Taliban, to bring many into His Kingdom.
  • Pray for the leaders of neighbouring countries, including Uzbekistan, to deal with the Taliban in a wise and just manner.
  • Lift up those Uzbeks who have lost their homes – pray that they might be kept safe and be able to re–establish themselves elsewhere.


Source: RFERL



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28th April 2022

Vietnam is reportedly making amendments to its laws regarding social media platforms. Under the new rules, sites will have to remove any illegal content within 24 hours, making the country one of the strictest in the world for social media firms. While Vietnam’s Communist Party has little tolerance for criticism, the new laws also seek to limit sexually suggestive material, gambling and sales of unregulated medicines in addition to ‘anti–state’ material.


  • Pray that Vietnamese leaders would govern in a way that pleases the Lord and for the good of their people.
  • Ask God that social media sites in Vietnam would not be used for immorality and exploitation, but rather for making the name of Jesus known.
  • Pray that any current or future regulations would not limit online evangelism or the sharing of Christian resources.
  • Pray that many would come to faith and be discipled through online ministries.


Source: Reuters



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28th April 2022

The President of Yemen, Abd–Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has transferred power to a new presidential council. The eight–member council led by Rashad Al–Alimi will work to end Yemen’s seven–year war, stabilise the economy and alleviate the humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding in the country. This follows a two–month ceasefire between the Iran–aligned Houthi rebels and the Saudi–led, coalition–backed forces.


  • Give thanks for recent positive steps towards ending the war in Yemen.
  • Pray that the ceasefire would be adhered to on both sides.
  • Please pray for the newly appointed council and ask that God would grant wisdom to all those seeking to bring the conflict to an end.
  • Ask that God would establish peace in Yemen and open a door for the gospel.
  • Pray that the country would experience God’s favour in coming years and for many to come to faith in Jesus.


Source: Al Jazeera, The Guardian 

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