Across Asia there are thousands of languages and dialects which can vary not just between countries but even from one village to the next.

When you factor in ethnic and cultural diversity, the challenge of Christian missionary work becomes even more difficult.

Our Beautiful Feet project involves working closely with Asian leaders to identify and send workers who speak the languages and understand the cultures of the regions to which they are sent. In short, we send the people best equipped for the task at hand.

Our involvement includes supporting workers in their living costs, as well as providing funds to print literature and purchase equipment.


The generosity of our donors enabled us to support one worker with the provision of a new jeep. The vehicle has already enabled him to take literature to far-flung corners of the Himalayas, as well as proving an effective tool for relief work during recent floods.


Through our Beautiful Feet project, we currently support workers in Nepal, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, South-East Asia* and the Middle East*.

* Countries not disclosed for security reasons

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