The Bible has much to say about looking after orphans, and about the value of children in the eyes of God.

AsiaLink mission to children

We are committed to helping children across Asia who are disadvantaged, whether it is because of a lack of parents, a lack of opportunities or any other hindrance.

Case study: Myanmar

One refugee camp received 5800 people, all displaced from their home villages in the Karen region of Myanmar. Just under half were children. Teens from another camp were eager to minister to these people due to their own experience of similar difficulties. They helped prepare for the arrival of the Karen people by cleaning the camp and bringing food, before sharing Christ.

Case study: ‘LifeSkills’ in Mongolia

In Mongolia, whole generations have grown up with little or no parenting, resulting in a lack of communication skills and self-worth. That’s why our partners visit schools to run a curriculum based on values and character.

Asialink mission to children

We met children whose worldviews had been changed, and heard rave reviews from parents, teachers and school managers alike. The lessons now take place in a number of schools across the capital city, and there are calls to expand into new regions.

Each year hundreds of children sign up for follow-up Bible clubs. One boy who heard of Christ through our partners’ work now walks the long distance to church alone each week, even in the freezing winter. He said it’s his heart’s response to being saved by Jesus.


We are currently supporting work with children in Myanmar, India, Mongolia, Nepal and South East Asia*.

* Countries not disclosed for security reasons

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