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Minus 50 Appeal

Warm hearts to the gospel with the gift of a winter kit.

Three years of warming children.

With temperatures known to plummet as low as –50 degrees in Mongolia, life can get very hard, very quickly. Over the last three years, your support has provided hundreds of winter kits to help children cope with the cold.

Most of these children are from underprivileged homes where they live with abusive, alcoholic parents or even no parents at all. Until supporters like you provided a winter kit, they lacked the sufficient clothing to cope with the harsh Mongolian winter.

Hundreds of children are now able to get out of the house and back into the school, even when temperatures plummet. Yet, many more still need the life–changing gift of a winter kit.


Three years of warming hearts.

Across Mongolia, local believers distribute the winter kits you provide. Teams visit homes to meet the families, confirm the need for warm clothing and begin a conversation about Christ.

Distribution events take place in the autumn, and these joyful events are where the children receive new clothes of their very own! The gospel is shared and many families have become regular attenders at church after placing their faith in Jesus. Sunday Schools are rapidly increasing in size as young ones hear more about the God who has provided their winter kits.

Lives have been transformed through the simple gift of a winter kit, but after three years of amazing gospel progress, your support is needed to continue this ministry for another three years and beyond!


Meet Ana

Ana was invited along to a meeting in a local church where she was delighted to receive a new winter coat and boots! Afterwards, she began going along to church each week, bringing her three younger siblings with her to Sunday School. She loves being in the church services and learning Bible stories. Wonderfully, Ana has given her life to Christ and talks about her faith with her family.

Give a winter kit and start a gospel conversation today. Each kit costs £50 but gifts of any amount are gratefully received towards this work.


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