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UDG (Central Asia)

Training workers for the harvest among the nations of Central Asia!

Our partners at UDG are preparing the next generation of pastors and evangelists in Central Asia. Our hope is to see these overlooked, gospel–starved nations transformed by the power of God’s Word as it is taught faithfully to millions who have little to no knowledge of it.

Central Asian students in a classroom
Central Asian students in a classroom

The vision goes beyond our narrow definitions of church work, with departments at UDG also covering business and social work, helping Christians serve and share Christ by serving their neighbour. This is highly important in the context of mission in Central Asia. These are not countries where Christians can openly be missionaries, nor are the churches typically able to support full–time ministers.


Aydar’s Story

Aydar was orphaned at the age of one, along with his twin sisters. He entered the care system and was adopted, but a rebellious spirit grew within him and he was eventually returned to care apart from his sisters.

However, change began in Aydar’s life when, at the age of fourteen, he accompanied some troublemaking friends to a meeting where some Ukrainian men were ministering to street children like him. For two years, he regularly visited these people, enjoying the warmth of their hospitality and the love and acceptance they offered, even when his behaviour was challenging.

Aydar had no problem with these men correcting his language or his behaviour, but when they mentioned the name of Jesus the antagonism he felt within was fierce. However, the Holy Spirit slowly began to work in him, and one difficult, lonely night he began speaking with God. The Spirit placed the word ‘repentance’ on his heart, and as he researched what it meant he saw the need to give his life to Christ.

Today, Aydar has a real heart for the Muslim people in his nation. He is attending UDG, studying theology and waiting to see where God will lead him to serve in the future.


You can help

Your gift will help the team at UDG train and send out a steady stream of gifted, talented and well–prepared workers for the harvest among the nations of Central Asia.



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