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Secret Sunday School

Bringing the children of China to the feet of Jesus!

In Chinese schools, children are interrogated about their parents’ beliefs whilst false Bible stories are taught depicting Jesus and his disciples as evildoers. Meanwhile, pupils are required to memorise and repeat Communist ideology. Parents are forbidden from discipling their own families, whilst many church– based children’s ministries have been shut down and the ‘Great Firewall of China’ is preventing access to Christian materials online. How will China’s children discover the good news of Jesus Christ?

Amid this dark environment, a new initiative is supplying biblical teaching materials to the underground church. With your help, thousands of children could soon learn about Jesus, with young lives transformed as the Word of God is faithfully taught! Distributors are needed to covertly deliver materials to church leaders and parents, and to train them in safely using and passing them on. With persecution fierce, the risks being undertaken are immense. Could you support a children’s worker in China this Christmas?


Max’s Story

Max came to faith as a child. He later began printing and distributing Christian materials, but when the authorities found his printing facility, his wife did not see him again for nine months. Max repeatedly begged the Lord to deliver him from prison, and God answered his prayers when he was released almost a year later. Max then returned to his house church before sensing a call to return to ministry. He wanted to keep serving Jesus and felt inspired to bless the next generation. Despite the risks, he is now working with us to distribute children’s materials. However, more workers are needed to complete this task.


You Can Help

Our vision is to impact every region of China by reaching hundreds of house churches and thousands of children. If we raise £50,000, we will be able to support the seven workers needed for a year.

£600 will support one worker for a month, whilst £50 could fund a distribution trip to a nearby city. With thousands of Chinese children waiting to hear about Jesus for the very first time, could you support this essential work today?


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