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Home Alone

Homes for widows. Hearts for Christ.

Imagine if losing your partner meant losing everything else as well… your income, your provider and even your home all gone in your time of greatest vulnerability.

This is the reality for many widows in South–East Asia, where even those who can endure long days of backbreaking work earn only a meagre wage. Some widows are blessed with families to care for them. Many are not.

You can help provide shelters for these vulnerable widows – for those too old to work and with nobody stepping in to provide, and for younger women raising children alone after tragedy has struck. 

Your gift can help to provide a new home today, enabling a team to source materials, build a home and share the good news of the gospel with women who have lost everything.



Keth was left without a home at the age of 73. Having lost her husband many years ago, she had been living with one of her grown–up daughters, but everything changed when she heard and accepted the gospel.


Keth’s daughter pleaded with her to renounce Jesus, but Keth refused and was cut off from the family. Unable to work and with no husband to provide, Keth was in desperate need. Our partners heard about Keth’s situation and were able to build her a home of her own whilst also providing food and other essentials.

Meanwhile, hundreds more widows have no place to call home and have never heard the name of Jesus. As these earthly homes are provided, our prayer is that each of these widows will have their lives transformed and find something more – an eternal refuge in the hands of the Father.



A new home costs approximately £400 to provide but gifts of any amount are gratefully received towards this crucial work.

Any surplus funds will be used to support and empower vulnerable women in Asia.



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