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Help reach the Middle East through digital evangelism.

While Asia is full of nations whose governments restrict evangelism and whose peoples who are strongly opposed to Christ, digital outreach projects are proving a powerful method of sharing the gospel.

There are few places on earth where the challenge to gospel witness is as acute as in the Middle East, a region in which the majority of nations are Muslim–majority and have established laws to prevent any form of threat to the Islamic faith. Digital outreach in this region, however, has enabled thousands to encounter the gospel on their smartphones. In nations seemingly closed to Christ, God is still making His name known through this wonderful work.


Digital outreach initiatives are getting underway in three Muslim–majority nations in the Middle East right now. People are receiving a gospel message on their phone, along with the opportunity to start a secure online chat with an evangelist. With your support, each of these projects will run for a month with follow–up work taking place afterwards.

We also plan to support the launch of a fourth project by our partners elsewhere in Asia in the coming weeks, and would greatly value your partnership.

With one hour of digital outreach costing just £10, could you support this campaign today?


Pray with us…

• Please pray with us for many to be reached with the good news, and for the Spirit to be at work in their hearts.

• Pray for the online evangelists who will speak to those who respond.

• Pray that the Lord would bring many to saving faith. 

• Pray that provision would be made for the fourth digital outreach to proceed.



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